View Full Version : Cipralex to Seroxate instant change?

Kerry B
30-06-10, 19:42
Hi Can anyone please advise me.

I have been to see my GP today, I have been taking Cipralex 20mg since October 2009, and have found these have not helped me at all. I previous was on Seroxate for 15 years so my GP suggested I go back on these's 20mg as from tomorrow, stop Cipralex and start Seroxate just swop over, I thought I would of needed to reduce the Cipralex before starting the Seroxate, hes said no as they belong to the same group SSRI's.

As anyone else swop medication this quicky?

Thanks for reading my thread and look forward to your replies x

03-07-10, 16:42
hi kerry
im sure your doc wouldnt tell you to do this unless it was ok - ive swapped over pills before but i tend to stop the other 1 for a day or 2 just to get it out my system but thats just me

09-07-10, 09:06
Hi Kerry

I certainly swapped directly from Seroxat to Cipralex some years ago. I think I'd been on Seroxat for about 12 months and I wanted to change because of all the bad press at the time about the withdrawal effects related to Seroxat. It was about 7-8 years ago now, but I don't recall there being any problems with the changeover.

Kerry B
09-07-10, 10:36
Thanks Blueangle, I have been taking the Seroxate now for 7 days and just wondering when I feel any difference, I am currently feeling heady and Nausea but not all the time. x