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Just Will
03-07-10, 10:01
Hi all, my Dr prescribed 40mg prop twice daily about 3 months ago but I didn't want to take them thinking they were too strong. I went back and got 10mg to be taken when needed. I've been taken them and they seemed to work, I take one in the morning and one mid afternoon. Last Saturday I had a bit of a funny turn and ever since they dont seem to be doing much. Has anyone upped there dosage to 10mg 3 x daily? Did it make you feel better? Luckily I've suffered no side effects but sometimes think my breathing is impaired - I dont think it is, I think it's because I know thats a side effect!

Thanks, Will

Just Will
03-07-10, 13:07
Nobody? I've got some L-theanine here and wondering if I can have one of those? Just to try and take the edge off a bit from my racing mind.

Always seems to be worse at the weekends, anybody else find this?

03-07-10, 14:03
hi just will,

i take 40mg x3 daily , 10mg is not a big dose and i cant see it being a problem taking 3 of them a day since you were originally prescribed 40mg x 2 daily.
do you work through the week, a lot of people who work find their anxiety is worse at the weekend, you dont have so much of a routine and your mind tends not to be focused so much, and gives you a lot more time to think about other things. even people who dont suffer from anxiety in general, can feel worse at the weekend, and sometimes that is due to drinking a lot of caffeine through the weekd, then their is a big drop at the weekend. just a thought....

Just Will
03-07-10, 14:20
That does make sense. If I'm on the go at work I dont have time to think about all the things I think are wrong with me. Caffeine too, I completely stopped coffee when I started to get anxiety, I was having about 6/7 cups a days so stopped and switched to Tea, I know it's still caffeine but not as much.

I think I may start 3 x 10m a day and see how I get on, my Dr has pretty much refused any other sort of Meds but I have had my first session of CBT last week so I'll see how I go with that.

Thanks for your reply, really helps!

PS. Has anybody tried L-theanine with Prop? Before taking Prop I had a couple of weeks on L-theanine but they stopped working.

03-07-10, 14:30
hi again

good luck with the cbt, that should make a difference.
sorry cant offer any advice on L-theanine, but hopefully someone else can.

take care