View Full Version : duloxetine, advise pls

05-07-10, 18:23
tomorrow ive got to do a straight swap from prozac to duloxitine, im scared and know nothen about it,, pls help

06-07-10, 16:17
My experiences of duloxetine were not happy. I tried it for about a month cross tapering from mirtazapine. I started off on 60mg. I had severe nausea giddiness and vomiting and had to stop after consultation with my psychiatrist. It also had unwanted sexual side effects which are well documented elsewhere but distressing for a woman nethertheless. I hope someone comes by and gives you a more positive experience of duloxetine. EJ.

sarah jayne
06-07-10, 16:41
mine were also not happy. I only lasted 3 days, it made me really ill, i was that bad that i lost the feeliong in my legs and couldnt walk. Remember though that people react differtently to different meds for example im fine with prozac but other people arent and citalopram made me really ill aswell...

06-07-10, 18:01
thanks guys,,, ive been reading all the odd threads and i am terrified now,, i dont think im going to take them, take my prozac as ive still got some,, and in a few days say ive been really ill on the duloxtine and that i wanna stop,, im on 60ng of prozac aday and 150 mg of seroquel and diaizpam,, i just dont know wot to do,, my anixety has been worse hense changing to duloxtine,,, as ive been on prozac for nearlly 4 years now,,and over the last ten years ive been on so many.

wot do i do i know i will panic as soon as i take one because off the bad reports,, and thats how i am i always worry bout side effects x