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06-07-10, 00:33
Please could somebody give me some advice about seroxat?

i have been taking seroxat for a very long time for social anxiety disorder,
it helped me to feel less socially anxious and more confident so i just kept on taking it.

Recently i decided to try and stop taking it,because i thought i dont have social anxiety anymore and i dont need to take it,but I have found that since lowering the dosage i have started to feel depressed and some of the social anxiety feelings that i had before have started to come back.,

I dont know what to do,i now feel that the tablets were just masking the problem,and it was there all along.

Should i stop taking the tablets and try dealing with the underlying problems?,
Is it possible to keep taking the tablets and dealing with the problems at the same time.

I really want to deal with my problems now,but if i am still taking the tablets how can i?,because the tablets are masking the problem.

Thanks to any one who can help.

06-07-10, 01:52
Hey there,

The tablets were not masking your problem they were correcting your chemical imbalance in the brain. like taking blood pressure pills when the pressure comes down you dont stop taking them.

I have been on seroxat for many years and I came to try and challenge my probs but it seems to be a physical problem cos im not an idiot but off the meds i go back to OCD as i was before.