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12-07-10, 13:02

Just wanted to write a quick post, havent been on here for a very long time but I stop by now and again to read the posts.
I have noticed there are quite a few posts about duloxetine and they are mostly negative, so I just wanted to let you know my experience with it.
I began taking it last year for GAD starting on 30mg going to 60mg.
Yes I had side effects like dizziness, yawning (weirdly), feeling sick and dry mouth but overall it wasnt too bad nothing like the terrible time I had on seroxat!!!
It has changed my life I am able to do so much more and I feel really good. Yes I still have bad days but overall I think its really helped me, everyone is different. I was so nervous before taking it but as what all meds all you can do is try!!

Jen x

15-07-10, 22:09
Dear Jen I'm glad that duloxetine works for you. I was one of the people that it didn't work for. My reaction to it was violent and severe. As I have said before I wanted to give it a fair trial but my psychiatrist told me to stop it straight away. It is important to give a balanced view about duloxetine and if you have tried others and it has helped turn your life around well done to you.

16-07-10, 11:56
i was ment to do a staight swap from prozac to duloxetine,, but got in a right mess so it on hold for time being,, cause im terrified

sarah jayne
17-07-10, 09:23
Im glad it worked for you, it made me really ill :(