View Full Version : Advise Please on Seroxate

Kerry B
13-07-10, 11:35
Hi Can anyone please advise I have been on Seroxate 20mg now for 12 days and are suffering with really bad anxiety does anyone know how long it takes for these tablets to work, I feel so desparate at the moment.

Any advise would be much appreciated.

kerry x

13-07-10, 13:49
it took about 3 weeks i think , ive been on the 12 years,when i first went on them they made me feel 100 times worse but my cpn told me to stick with them and they worked wonders, but unfortunatley stopped working now so need to up the dose but i dont like the horrid side effects!!! maybe go see your doctor or give him a ring to see what he says hun.xx
good luck

Kerry B
13-07-10, 13:52
Thanks for your reply, I will stick with them as my CPN said I would have to up the dose to 40mg after 2 weeks. What side effects did you have with them, I am constantly sweating, and having bad headaches. X

13-07-10, 22:56
felt realy sick, very very anxious to the point i thought i was dying because i couldnt breathe, sweating , electric shocks in head, i had loads of side effects but i was very ill with anxiety and panic anyway, did you go straight onto 20mg i went up slowly, 10mg then 20mg, been on 20mg for 12 years.

Kerry B
14-07-10, 21:35
yes I went straight onto 20mg as its hell, this is nearly my second week up and I am so anxious I feel dreadful, I havent been able to work I seem to be getting worse. I am at my witts end, thank for your reply