View Full Version : Bottleblond (Lisa) - offline for a while

13-07-10, 22:24
Lisa won't be on for a while as her laptop has broken and she is not sure when she can get it mended. :ohmy:

She wanted me to let you know so you didn't think she was ignoring any PM's you send her.

We hope you get sorted soon Lisa cos we miss you mate :hugs:

I will try and sort something out for the Saturday night quizzes that Lisa usually runs.

13-07-10, 23:05
will miss her

13-07-10, 23:07
Hope she gets it sorted soon, going to miss her!


Sue xxx

13-07-10, 23:28

I will miss her so much......................

19-07-10, 20:38
lisa will be back online hopefully in another two weeks.

she sends her love to everyone and misses us all.

di x

Granny Primark
19-07-10, 23:13
Us nmp members will really miss you lisa:hugs:

04-08-10, 00:37
I'm afraid that your wages are at risk if you don't get your arsium back to work ASAP Lisa. I have consulted MM and Mel and they both think you have sloped off to be with Roger.

Hope you are well and come back soon.

MM, Mel and myself

04-08-10, 00:54
I will be speaking to lisa tomorrow and i will be sure to let her know that she is seriously skiving from her job :lac:

04-08-10, 01:19
Thank you Di. Rumour has it that you are also sloping off from tomorrow :lac:

Rest assure that Mel will be keeping an eye out for any pesky spammers so you go and have a fab time.

04-08-10, 01:44
I am indeed :lac:

i'm goosed and need a break:roflmao:and yes you keep an eye on them pesky spammers :yahoo:

hopefully my chum lisa will be back when i get back...........

07-08-10, 19:34
Well, still no sign of the fugitive Bottleblond :lac:

07-08-10, 19:36
Not yet lol but she will be back like Arnie always was

07-08-10, 19:52
If not she will be terminated (from her job) lol

14-08-10, 19:04
Still no sign of the wondering Bottleblond Pimpernel...

All is forgiven BB - come back to work!

14-08-10, 19:06
Aww mel,

she will be another ten days or there about!

di x

14-08-10, 20:40
Hope she brings my Beret back ?.:yesyes:..Come on Lisa ..theres work to be done ...pffft :D Sue x

15-08-10, 18:26
:doh: When is our Lisa back :doh:

30-08-10, 14:04
BB has been sneaking onto the forum apparently without letting her partner in crime Mel know :mad:

I have already filed a complaint and it's sitting on her desk (next to the shredder) awaiting her slopey return...