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19-02-06, 20:13
Evening All,

I found this place a couple of weeks ago, just as I was starting my second course of SSRIs. I have spent the past eight and a half years believing, on and off, that my symptoms meant I was suffering from a terminal illness. Having read the experiences of others on this board, I have started to realise deep down, if not always on the surface, that I am suffering from nothing but anxiety, pure and simple. I cannot tell you how much it means to me finally to have appreciated the truth of what my GP had told me all along.

For the past two weeks, I have been taking 20 mg of Fluoexetine, known as "Prozac" in the UK. Three years ago, during my previous episode, I took Paroxetine, known as "Seroxat" in the UK or "Paxil" in the US. I know that Paroxetine has had something of a bad press lately, particularly with younger patients. But for me it worked wonders, and I am not convinced that Fluoexetine is as effective.

I just wondered if anyone out there had had experience of both drugs? My GP assured me that they were equivalent, but I am not conviced.

Grateful for any advice ...


19-02-06, 20:38
Hi Andy
I was given Fluoxetine when I first stared with anxiety, and it really helped me. I was able to do more or less what I wanted. I was able to go on holiday abroad no problem. He only gave it me for about 6mths or so then change it to Seroxat which didn't work half as well. Since then I have been talking Setraline, but decided to come off them and try to cope without any SSri's. Things are't too bad at the moment. They certainly be a lot worse.
Hope this helps.

Jenny xxx

19-02-06, 20:40
Jenny xx

19-02-06, 20:53
I haven't had any experience of Paroxetine, however, I have been taking Fluoxetine for two years now, and it has made a huge difference to me.

So much so that I'm not really looking forward to coming off it this Spring!

I did find it slow to work, however, to the point where I wasn't sure that it was doing anything.

It was more a case of the effects creeping up on me. I suddenly realised that I felt different, and that prozac had started to make my life better.

As well as helping with my depression, it has also helped to alleviate my panic and anxiety symptoms too.

Whilst I have been on meds, I have also been doing CBT. THis is really helpful too, and if you aren't already doing a course of CBT, then I would recommend you ask your doctor about refering you to your local authority mental health team. Be prepared though, unfortunately, the waiting list is pretty long, although once you are in the system, the help is pretty good.

A word of warning though - getting better can be bad for your wallet. Prior to my prozac/CBT experience, I hardly went out, and if I did, then I only went locally.

Now I've gotten better there is no stopping me. As well as beetling about all over the place, I've re-discovered my enthusiasm for live music, and have gone from not having been to a gig since sixth form to seeing a band on average every six weeks!!!!! In fact, I got so carried away I tried to do 3 bands in two weeks, and two on consecutive nights, which had an effect on me and my visa card!

I've still not learnt my lesson, I spent Friday morning buying tickets for the Chilli Peppers in July, and have got two sixth form retro music trips planned for the spring to see the Stuffies and the Sisters of Mercy! Good job these bands are reforming as I was never up to seeing them the first time round!

Keep going with the prozac for a little while longer, if it's agreeing with you. It took a good month before I started to notice an effect, and I hope you find this web site as useful as I did. It's such a relief to know that you aren't the only one and that your symptoms are really common and you aren't going mad!


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19-02-06, 21:17
Thank you Jenny and Charlie,

I guess I need to stick it out a bit longer. When I first took Paroxetine it took some time to take effect. After several weeks I slowly came to realise that I wasn't worried about anything anymore. And that worried me. But such is the life of a hypochondriac ...

I know it sounds silly, but after reading the experiences of people here, I am slowly starting to realise that I am not terminally ill, just scared.

The human mind is a bl**dy powerful tool, and can play the most devious tricks.

Thank you again.


19-02-06, 21:29
Thats so true Andy, and who knows, a little bit longer spent on this site and you too could develop a s**t taste in music and a large visa bill too!


Nemesis - Rita QofS I JFDI'd THEM!!!!!!

19-02-06, 22:04
I have taken both and found that there is no difference at all - they both worked for me.

I hope it fluoxetine works for you too.

Annie x

20-02-06, 03:09
I hated paroxetine because it made me feel like tired and lethargic and yes I wasnt worried about things but it was too sedating for me (I had no feelings) but we are all different. I am on lexapro now and it is great compared but I take mine at bedtime instead now also. I came to realise that they are all the same meds but they all make u feel different so dont be afraid to try others if you have probs but yes I hate paxil etc.


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