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19-07-10, 18:53
Hi Everyone.

I know there are so many posts on this subject and im sorry if I am just another one. My dr put me on these today, due to start tonight. Apparently it should help with my headaches and sleep.

Has it helped you to get to sleep and things?? Did you have to go to bed at a set time or just when you are feeling tired?? Also did it help with your depression and things.

I am sorry again I am just anxious thats all.


jaded jean
19-07-10, 19:07
Dont worry hun they are hardly noticeable - well not to me I can have 10-20mgs a night but I just have the 10 mg and they relax my muscles and mind - they will get rid of your headache as well. My husband has them for neck problems and he has been on them for 4 years and has not suffered anything else with them and he is on 25mg but used to be on 50mg. So dont worry , take it and you will notice the difference.
Take care.

19-07-10, 19:08
hi shygirlajb

I was prescribed amitriptyline on the advise of my psychologist 3wks ago. I have had insomnia for the last 5yrs but have been reluctant to take anything to help.

Now with the help of ami I am sleeping through the night without waking up or remembering my dreams. I am also finding that with better sleep I am getting up easier in the mornings & not feeling so anxious because I'm so tired. I'm only on 10mg so it wont help with my anxiety or depression so I take citalopram for that. I take mine at 8pm as the effect can last up to 12hrs & I start work at 8pm.

It's worth you giving them a try, I had a headache for the first few days but now I just sleep!!