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23-07-10, 16:45
Hi i know im new to the site but could you possibly think about doing the t shirts in black or pink and maybe a hoody? Im sure people would like the choice. :)

23-07-10, 19:26
Oooo Carol, I think this is a brilliant idea - also it would be easier to spot people at a meet if they were gunna wear a NMP tshirt/hoody. Very good idea :) They could also be very comforting to someone in distress.

23-07-10, 21:09
Hi Carol

Thanks for the suggestion. I could look into this but would have to buy stock up-front and unless there is a big demand for it I would be stuck with the up-front costs and also the stock.

I will see anyone replies with any interest.

23-07-10, 21:28
I'd definitely like a pink tee-shirt and I'd go for a hoody too great idea, I would love this for my run in October...

23-07-10, 22:39
The idea could be tied in with fundraising events by members.

24-07-10, 16:51
i would defenitly buy one :)

25-07-10, 13:06
Hi everyone whose replied bout the tshirts and hoodies,i agree they would be a good idea for fundraising and awareness of nomore panic,so the more people who are interested hopefully we can get the t shirts and hoodies as i know id definatly buy them as white isnt always practical. thanks for your replies :)

25-07-10, 13:21
NMP hoodies would be perfect for fundraising events. My and my partner were discussing attending fundraising runs as a way of getting my out of the house. NMP would be a perfect thing for us to run for.

26-07-10, 09:03
i would have some t shirts,,

26-07-10, 19:01
I would go for a hoody to, but maybe have a smaller logo on it rather than the large one across the front xx

26-07-10, 19:20
I don't think I would wear a hoodie in the area where I live..I would probably get stopped by the police on a regular basis! :roflmao:

A t-shirt with a small logo I would be interested in. :yesyes:

26-07-10, 21:17
In purple

26-07-10, 21:56
If anyone wants to do some research into companies that do these then that would be most helpful


26-07-10, 22:05
im interested in both
would rather have a dark colour and large size though ...
maybe we could order and pay up front to help

26-07-10, 22:08
What might be better would be those iron on transfers so you can buy your own piece of clothing and I provide the iron-on transfer.

Just a thought

26-07-10, 22:57
These are about the cheapest with the most choice in colours
Plus you can order from as little as just one, instead of buying in bulk like most of companies only seem to deal with.

27-07-10, 00:38
Hi, Id like one of each too if you are doing it! How much will they cost?

27-07-10, 18:16
I'm not very keen on iron transfers. Anything to do with ironing would spell a large hole in the garment. Sorry. EJ.

27-07-10, 19:29
These are about the cheapest with the most choice in colours
Plus you can order from as little as just one, instead of buying in bulk like most of companies only seem to deal with.

This does seem reasonable maybe we should do a list of orders and prepay so that nicola knows that on ordering that she will not be stuck with the stock, it seems the best idea and everyone will get what they want.. I want a pink tee-shirt and a hoodie too for colder days ..a discreet logo as mentioned before on definitely on the hoodie as I think this will look much more classy.. and I'm getting on you know lol x

27-07-10, 19:32
I'd be willing to pre-pay too, sounds like a perfect solution.

27-07-10, 20:10
Id pre pay, id love a black t-shirt with a smaller logo, and a hoodie. Maybe instead of or as well as an iron on you could sell sew on patches, just a thought for people who dislike iron on.

29-07-10, 19:26
Just wondered if any further thought had been given to an order being made with prepayment as would really like to have pink tee-shirt for my run and also some brochures which could be handed out.

I am running to raise money for breast cancer breakthrough but felt it would be great to get some public awareness of the website too.

I would be happy to help with collating the information for order but my run is at the start of October so guess what I'm panicking ha ha ha x

03-10-10, 00:16
I know somewhere to get them for about 3 each if thats anyhelp. I have ordered quite a few of my own ones.

03-10-10, 00:25
is this t-shirts uk?

jaded jean
03-10-10, 09:01
Me too Me too !!! brilliant idea!! This type of idea to raise funds for NMP -excellent!! Oh Happy days!!

16-05-12, 12:13
For decent quality t-shirts or hoodies, they need to be screen printed, not done with the cheap transfers or direct print a lot of these cheap online companies use - these will fade quickly after a few washes and look pretty crap ( most are only designed to be worn a couple of times for hen nights and one off events etc.. )

For screen printing, you would normally need to look at getting a minimum order of 25+ for each colour or style to make it cost effective, so we would need to get in a decent amount of orders in advance, and the colour choice would be limited.

16-05-12, 14:24
This is an old thread .and was posted 2 years ago .There ARE still two T/shirts available in the NMP SHOP ..small & medium .Go to shop for details if you wish to purchase the last two currently available ..sue

20-05-12, 13:47
I definitely need one!! EJ

20-05-12, 16:53
Thanks Sue - yes they are here:


20-05-12, 20:44
Thanks Nic I have just ordered one. EJx

20-05-12, 22:17
Cheers EJ. Will post it tomorrow for you

24-05-12, 21:47
Thanks Nic I received the T shirt today. I don't think I will be taking it to Italy with me as I am limited to hand luggage as there is a baggage handlers strike at Stansted. I will wear it when I get back I know it will be a talking point. EJ xxx