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25-02-04, 16:50
Hi everyone,
I've just been reading through the medication postings, omg.
My phsyciatrist has put me on Venlafaxine 75mg in the morning.
She has also given me Quetiapine 100mg at night for 3 nights then 200mg at night.
I'm on dothiepin just now and have to cut it down for a week before starting Venlafaxine, but to take Quetiapine as soon as I get them from GP.
Reading the postings I am terrified now of Venlafaxine, as for the other new med I don't really know why she put me on it.
Can anyone please give me positive thoughts for starting the new meds.

25-02-04, 17:38
Dear Donna,

Do remember that many thousands of people throughout the world take Venlaflaxine with great results and thus don't feel the need to join a message board for support and advice.

If you really don't know why she put you on Quetiapine then ring up her secretary at the hospital and ask for an explanation or at least see your GP about it.

It's a powerful effective medicine but not used routinely for plain anxiety/panic. You should not drive whilst settling on it and really keep off alcohol.

Take care


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29-02-04, 16:59

I have positive news about efexor (venlafaxine). Admittedly i am on a lower does than you. I feel that I only need 37.5 mg a day, but I feel so so so much better because of this drug. I'm not saying it works for everyone but i feel its helped me no end. I was a nervous anxious wreck prior to starting it. The week of wobbliness wasn't too bad. I have to take one tablet a day and at the start I would take it about 6pm every night so no-one saw the negative side effects you initially get ...whioch more or less for me was twitchy legs and feet. I had tried citalopram for a day andthe side effects of that was much worse for me and made my lip swell - I suppose its whatver suits you, and I'm allergic to an awful lot of stuff.

i hope it works for you.

01-03-04, 19:40
Thank you both for the advice, tomorrow is the big day I have to take the venlefaxine in the morning.
The quetiapine has been a bit scary, feeling of dizzieness, spoke to CPN and I'm gonna try the 200 mg tonight if it's to much will go back to 100mg and see what the phciatrist says.
Fingers crossed

02-03-04, 09:48
You will be pleased to know that venlaflaxin, although it doesn't suit everyone can work wonders. I think it depends on which medication your brain and body are compatible with.

Give it ago, what's the worst thing that can happen?
It doesn't like you, and so you have to try something else.
It is nothing to worry about, many people try 4 or 5 different meds before they find the right one.

Good luck, lets hope it works for you.

Love, light and Best wishes
Liz xxx

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