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jaded jean
29-07-10, 17:44
I recently put a new thread out regarding that my heart was racing a little more during the dayand it was concerning me , I wasnt sure whether it was the Amitryptilline or- the upped dose of cit that I only took for 6 days but reduced it again as feeling really bad with it so.. I went to the docs today . I now have to have an ECG and a fasting group blood test to see what it is . It never rains........:shrug::shrug::shrug::shrug:

08-08-10, 04:25
Heya Jean,

Any antidepressants can cause increased anxiety when they are upped, which would definitely increase your heart-rate. Have you had your ecg and test yet?

08-08-10, 07:44

08-08-10, 08:27
Morning Jean
When I increased from 20mg to 40mg of the cit I felt really bad for about a week or more, not as bad as when I started on the 20mg but just felt really agitated and felt like my mind was racing and just on edge all the time. It does settle down though and now I feel so much better. Have you gone back to 20mg? Do you still feel anxious and have the palpitations now that you have gone back down to 20mg? I'm sure you will be ok with the test, never had one myself but often thought of asking cos I've had the racing heart thingy but it is a lot better these days. I had my blood tested for everything when I first started with this and the only thing that was wrong was my cholesterol was higher than it should be but just changed my diet.
Let us know how you get on, when do you have the test done?
Jannie x x

jaded jean
08-08-10, 10:21
The ecg went ok everyone, and I am wa9ting for the results of the bloodtests which should be back around this friday.
So will let you know. thanks for your kind wishes.