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30-07-10, 13:03
done striaght swap from proazc to duloxetine last night,, and had seroquel upped,, so far so good feel i little sick, but pround ive done the first step.

30-07-10, 15:17
Well done :hugs:

30-07-10, 16:45
Thank you. It took at lot of guts. Itnow 4.41 pm. And im good. Tired and have felt a little sick at times.

31-07-10, 08:14
Well sat morn. Feel fine.

Kerry B
31-07-10, 10:08
Well done as I know it was a BIG step for you. I do hope this is the Tablet for you.
Good Luck and keep us updated xx

01-08-10, 08:00
thank you,,, its sun morn and its 8am ive allready cleaned the bathroom and about to hoover, feeling good still a little sick at times, im so hoping nothen will go wrong now ive been on the seroquel 200xr and duluxetine since thurs so thats neally 4 days dones this mean im on the mend,, im i likley to get side affects now orwithdrawel from przav now? i hope not x

02-08-10, 08:33
ITS MONDAY,, im good,, other half gone to work eldest daughter stayed at friends last night, so its just me and two year old, im good im tried as im not sleeping to well i seem to wanna sleep in middle of day so must stop that so i will sleep at night , others wise might have to go to doc about it. i thimk im feeling better ,,defo from last week anyway, xx

02-08-10, 10:57
Hi Bomber, glad to hear you are doing much better. Hope the sleep issue resolves itself x

03-08-10, 09:47
well tues morn,, i feel ok ,, but i think i could cry at any thing today,, ive had bit better nights sleep, so its day 6, i havnt felt as sick , so im doing well still,, xx

03-08-10, 12:35
i know not much peeps have taken intresti tnis,, but its for me manly,, anyway if some one is reading this do u know another name duloxetine comes under.

03-08-10, 17:04
its known as cymbalta


04-08-10, 09:35
Ty joy. Well its wendesday and i feel really really depressed. Like wotz point of life. Everyone has to run aroundafter me or sit with me. I just want to cry and sleep. I domt like this

05-08-10, 08:42
well its thursday been on them a week today i think im going up to 120mg today, feeling alot better than yesterday, and i did sleep better last night but sods law my 2 year old got up twice,, never mind.

06-08-10, 07:59
well its fri, ive upped to 120mg of duloxetine, im a littlie anixous but that normal, im scared there make me feel ill or summit, im very tried, but i managed to stay awake allday yesterday but by half six pm i was soundo so other half sent me to bed, i slept ok ,, woke up a few times. i dont know why im doing this dairy as i dont think many people are intrested but i keep it going a little longer for my own refence and hope it helps some one , one day. i aslso add my best friend has stopped coming round everyy da yas i staerted to use her a cruch and reliyer on her to much , i need to learn to be in my own comoany again,

07-08-10, 08:22
well its sat, im good been 120mg of duloxetine for two days now. and im well. i didnt have anyone round yesterday day, and i was fine,, maybe a couple of waves of panic/anxiety but i got through it and im proud, i have also so got a bit more energy at times or maybe putting it better i want to get up a clean and get on with every day stuff, which is great i have a little bit of intrest in life again,, still early days but if im good now i know im going to be real good soon, x

08-08-10, 13:50
Not so good today. I just want to sleep and cant be arsed. Fell crappy

09-08-10, 13:53
not so tired today,, got docs tonight to report in,,, i defo anit been as anxious as normal that ive noiced

jaded jean
09-08-10, 14:19
Hi Lucy
have een reading your posts with interest and, I can see that there are more positive days than negative and you have carried on thru them so pleased for ou . its the inner strength you have coming out now that is for sure, well done sweetheart and carry on .
There will be dipping days but hold the thought that the good days are happening more than them.
Best wishes xx

10-08-10, 08:49
thanks jean,, thats lovley thank you, well went to docs last night and he has change my seroqule to nite time and i sleep quite well last nite and feel abit more with it this morn.

13-08-10, 08:42
hi,, well its friday , ihavent posted for a couple of days,, but im fine,, sleeping better, and feeling abit more a live, more intrested in house work ect , x

14-08-10, 15:10
sat 14th,, feeling good, went out in the car yesterday with the kids just down to to the co-op, felt good i drove, ive actually felt a bit board today dont know if that s a good thing.

18-08-10, 10:01
Well its tue the 18th of aug. Im doing well and feeling well. I havd got out much but im starting tofeel ok on my own at home . Actually i gone from not wanting tobe on my own to wanting to be on my own. Strange i just want the house tidy and have quality time with my little girl. And potter about i wanna get out for a short walk today i have a field at back of my house so i go on there. Ive been over eating which i think is due te the seorquel increase. So t should settle down again. I just had fruit this morn.and pumped my exercise ball back up.

23-08-10, 11:58
23rd of aug,, im feeling good, all very postitive not tested going out my saftey zone yet, but feeling good in it which is progess.

Kerry B
23-08-10, 21:39
glad to read you are making good progress hope it continues x

31-08-10, 09:49
Thanks kerry. Well wot can I say its 30th of aug and I'm doing good as you prob may of guessed as I havnt been on that much, I've had small success only little but its better than none, feeling better sleeping better., xxxx

09-09-10, 18:34
hi guys,, well it 9 sept ,, sad day as you all remember 9-11, anyway doing well still , not really pused my self , but im managing on my own during day, i have bowel probs ,, but thats on another post.

but im good, :):):)

12-09-10, 12:25
hi guys,, well it 9 sept ,, sad day as you all remember 9-11, anyway doing well still , not really pused my self , but im managing on my own during day, i have bowel probs ,, but thats on another post.

but im good, :):):)

I'm sure a lot of people are interested in this post. I am certainly following it, and you seem to be doing great. Well done :)

12-09-10, 14:03
Thanks capen. I got mixed up on last post, bout
9.11. I forgot they say it other way. But still thought off all them people yesterday. It Sunday 12th. Feeling good I so hope this thread ds help people,....

14-09-10, 10:54
its 14th of sept, feeling fine with meds ect,, but starting to feel very lonley as my friend isnt coming round as often as she was, she was coming round so much cause i wernt feeling great, now im bored and lonley,, you just cant have it both ways can you. but it wernt fair on her having to b here most days, so im fine, sleeping well, watching the weight and really been good this week so notr put any on ,, lost apound here and there.

16-09-10, 10:45
Hi bomber

You seem to be doing better and although your friend isn't coming to see you as much, surely this is a positive sign - that you are looking better too.

Now, the seroquel, my GP has taken me off the XR version and given me the normal, and I find that I am always hungry!! I daren't put any more weight on - done all of that without meds lol Did you find this happening too?

17-09-10, 12:30
lol,, the raiding the fridge,, it will get better, it one of the side affects but hang inthere it will go,, , i somtimes get like it abit, i try and exercise a bit more in anyway possible,, also carry or have tic tacs or polos all the time,, very low fat even if ya do a box a day or wot ever it helps me just summit to chew on,, or chewing gum,,,, yes im good still, ive been out on my own a few times this week , put petrol in car which i dont normally do,, this weekend is a test my children are going away for weekend with my family not worride bout eldest but my youngest is 2 and we have never been apart, there going later and not back till sunday,, so when they go at 3 im on my own till my other half gets in at 5,20, im bit worride,, ive left the hoovering till thy gone, and bit of washing so that keep me busy for a while, we see how i go.

11-10-10, 12:24
hi guys, im still here, i have a broken foot at mo, but im good, not so tired anymore, now trying to lose some weight, have put on a couple of pounds. not travelled far but defo lots better home on my own now.

03-03-11, 10:17
hi hev,
i know people with your problem and it must be scary to take that step, for me its scary enough just to swap meds. i still on duluxotine and doing very well on it, thats all i can say really im not much help, i swap to duloxotine from fuloxetine(prozac) because id been on them for so long,, and havnt had a prob with them,, only in my head when i changed ,, thinking im going be ill,, they will react but they were fine,
good luck.