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02-08-10, 01:12
tonight was a bad night...but maybe the start of something better?

i had terrible chest pains, followed by pain to the arm amongst other things...

anxiety came over me like i have never had before.... so my first reaction is to go on no-panic site and the nhs direct website... which suggest that any pain to the chest should seek immediate attention...
so i go to the er
feeling scared and worried i am having a heart attack... i wish this on no one.

the nurse gave me a ecg test.... and said the doctor would like to do another one after 30 min... i asked if everything was alright... naturally in my mind anyone who wants to test again means BAD.

but everything was perfect i had my second ecg test and it came out beautiful according to the doctor... my blood pressure was a little high but thats normal considering i was panicking like crazy on the inside...

does anxiety really do all this? im still super lightheaded..

I am still constantly thinking something terrible is going to happen ... why can't i just accept everything is fine?

02-08-10, 01:15
Anxiety can cause anything! Even chest pain, you were right to get it checked out though, hope you can begin to relax now that the ECG was ok x

02-08-10, 01:19
anxiety is a terrible thing..... not only am i happy about the ECG being great... but now i start thinking.... what if its wrong.. how do they know... horrible circle...

thank you tho :)

02-08-10, 01:56
It would be obvious on there if you were having a heart attack x

02-08-10, 13:46
I know what you mean, I had been having awful palpitations and missed beats and was reeferred to a cardiologist. I had my appointment this week and he did an ecg and lsiteted to my heart and spent a long time talking to me. I was extremely anxious that they would find something awful (I have been type 1 diabetic since I was 8 years old and didnt always behave myself when I was younger so I a;lways think things are wrong with me). The doctor told me everything was fine but I still have a risidual feeling of doubt and ahve continued to panic at every twinge or odd feelign I get.. I think some of us are built that way and we need to find ways to train our brains to not automatically jump to the wrost conclusion possible. I started to do this with CBT and it did help to some degree but its hard to sustain. Just know that you arent the only one who thinks this way - in fact reading this site its far more common than any of us would ahve thought I think. Have your tried to have CBT?


02-08-10, 13:47
I think I also need to train my brain to learn to type without so many spelling mistakes!!