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22-02-06, 18:18
have you tried lavender oil?it is sooo calming.you need a pure oil,french alpine is wonderful and lasts ages.simply rub it into your palms and breath in.or on a cloth ,or stick the nozzle up your nose!safe in pregnancy too.Also counting,counting slowly and repetatively uses a different part of the brain so the panic cant feed off itself.it is not easy when in the grip of a real terror bit it does work i promise as it works for me ,so as we all have the same condition,it will work for all of us.Pacing out the counting helps too.i was in town and had a humdinger,so chose some paving stones and counted up to twenty over and over again slowly,and by thye time my lift arrived iwas in control and it subsided,so snif the lavender and get counting!Mary-Rose.x

22-02-06, 18:20
This works for me too Mary-Rose. Infact so do a few of the essential oils, I can also get the same effect using Neroli.

Thanks for that.

Piglet x

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22-02-06, 19:14
its the same and works for me to most of the time i think i have a few way in witch i cope with i find the massage is good to bars from lush are really good.

nice one mary rose

amanda x

22-02-06, 20:23
I'd also like to add Ylang Ylang has wonderful calming properties too, smells really lovely aswell. x

22-02-06, 23:54
thank you for the fedback,i have other tricks of the panicked u my sleeve if you fancy trying them.When uyour heart starts to race,get cool,cols even,plunge your hands and arms up to the elbow in cold water in 10 second bursts,slows the heart rate.another nicer one is to go barefoot in the garden and bury your feet in the earth or on the grass,it kina earths you,it does help i've done them all.i love exchanging al these self help ideas. i am a level two reiki student so i have learnt that deep relaxation is important to switch off the panic buttons in our brain.Not easy tho,you can tll i'm not in the throws of panic at present aye?singing loud,laughing,dancing all these help release the right endorphines dont they.Keep in touch.Mary-Rose.x