View Full Version : Please come back and tell us the results of any tests/doctor visits

04-08-10, 23:22
Hi all

Every day I read posts on here about members that have various health worries and say they will go to the doctor and see what they say.

We then never hear back from those members.

I think it would be really useful to have a section where members post to say what symptoms they had and what happened and what the results were.

It is frustrating to read so many posts where people never come back and say "yes it was all ok and it was xyz" or conversely "I was diagnosed with xyz"

Does anyone else think this would a useful feature to have?

05-08-10, 00:05
i do totaly because it might help other sufferes with the same issues or simlar and out there minds at rest.


05-08-10, 00:22
Yes, because usually when someone replies to that persons post, they really do hope that everything will go okay for them. Sometimes I find myself worrying about the member if they haven't posted an update - I'm sure other members feel the same way.
What a brilliant idea, Nic.

Chrissy xxxx

05-08-10, 12:43
Hi Nic,

I think thats a brilliant idea....it is often a concern when you reply and try and help someone, they say they are going to the GP then dont let you know how things went...you are left wondering. Plus others that may be experiencing the same thing are following the thread and dont get to know the out-come.


06-08-10, 00:26
Hmmm. Patient goes to the doc. Doc says it's nothing serious and probably just anxiety playing up again ("Would you like to increase your dose of meds?"). Patient feels somewhat silly but at the same time relieved that it's nothing serious and they're not dying from a terrible illness.

I could be wrong but I think that's why the majority of people don't report back to us as to how they got on...

*This could be made into a serious complaint which gives me an idea :D

06-08-10, 16:15
Hi Nic,

You already have the medical tests and procedures section, what sort of section were you thinking about? Could there be a danger of people self diagnosing as well?

Googling is bad enough but a section of, my symtoms were and my results were?
I think it could be detrimental to some of members with HA as it is members they know with symptoms and diagnosis?

Maybe a guideline for members that have posted about symptoms and tests to answer their own posts with how they got on would be better than a section dedicated to it?


06-08-10, 16:27
i agree as you say we give advice and then there gone ,,and with us having anxiety we worry about them ,x

06-08-10, 19:25
I think it would be very usefull.

06-08-10, 19:44
Thanks for all the suggestions.

I think I will just monitor a few posts for now and maybe post on that thread asking the member to please come back and say what the results were then I can do a post simply listing the problem and what the results were.

It would be very useful for members to have this as a reference to say, for example, what the problem was found to be.

For example we get a lot of MS worriers on here and loads are sent for tests and scans and we never know what was diagnosed. So I could list the symptoms the member had and what the doctor said it was.

This does not mean that people should stop going for tests but at the moment when someone posts on here with MS worries I have no posts to show them that another member had similar symptoms and they were told it was xyz.

It won't be a separate forum as such - maybe just a post that I collate.

I will start following a few threads anyway and see where it leads me.

30-08-10, 14:12
Could I just say that it makes me wonder why so many people start a thread, get lots of (usually) good advice/support, don't reply (thank you would be nice) and then go on to start yet another thread as if the previous one never existed. I'm not complaining (pffft) but it just seems a bit silly to me - not to mention annoying for the members replying and constantly trying to keep up with it all.