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jaded jean
05-08-10, 06:39
Ihad an ecg done on the 4th -yesterday as my heart had begun to race-even when I was seated so I went to the docs andthat was recommended.
15 minutes later , Iget well its not racing now and all looks good. Thankfully all I could put it down to and the practice nurse agreed was that I had upped my meds and dropped them down again all within 6 days so... I wont be doing that again!

05-08-10, 06:47
good for you Jean but I think I have the correct diagnosis for ur racing heart love:

your lovely heart is just trying to share itself around to so many people in so little time hun...that's just YOU


Oh and it cooooould be the sheep thing too...:D

05-08-10, 06:52
Morning Jean
Hope you are now feeling better, it's right what suz says above, you have a very kind heart and you have been sharing it around a lot and it was just overworking itself :-) I hope you are feeling better now and that the meds have settled down. Do you still take the increased meds or are you back to your previous mg?
Jannie x x x x

jaded jean
05-08-10, 15:11
hi jannie xxxx
It went back down to 20mgs again and its evening itself out now!! I had a very good day today!! wee hee!!:yahoo::yahoo:

jaded jean
05-08-10, 15:13
Suzannacorfu !!!
you cheeky mare hahahahaha.
whats this about a sheep thing????
I only have a penchent for lamb chops I have you know even if I have got floral wellies!!!!
I want to share my happiness with everyone when I am on a good roll as I believe that is how it should be done. Its a dismal place when you are at rock bottom and there arent any footholds to get you out but what I ahve had from this site regarding support has been imeasurable, so there you go love you all !!

15-09-10, 00:59
In April I got taken by ambulance to hospital with severe pains in my chest and arm - put on an Angina spray (which I responded to for a while) and oxygen and then ECG... all the tests came back negative for heart problems... diagnosis... muscle spasms, panic attacks..that was scary!