View Full Version : Thanks, NMP, Nicola

05-08-10, 10:28
I just wanted to thank NMP, especially Nicola, who dealt with my online shop order so efficiently...

My goods arrived safely...and you can be assured of my custom again...

Thanks once again...:flowers:

Sue x

05-08-10, 12:19
Glad you got them ok Sue and you are more than welcome.

03-09-10, 11:45
Oooh I am so excited as ordered some things the other day and Nicola was very efficient in getting them posted out to me! Not sure if they have arrived yet as at work :-(

Looking forward to reading my book about panic attacks and also wearing my wrist band with pride!

Thanks NMP and Nicola!

03-09-10, 13:49
Ails - I think yours will arrive tomorrow as I send everything 2nd class post to keep it cheaper.

Happy reading and hope you like the wristband