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08-08-10, 06:45

I am ten weeks pregnant and suffering from terrible anxiety and panic attacks. Started at week 5, and was getting better until the morning sickness got worse (yesterday I threw up 5 times, despite having tried every anti-sickness medication out there), and now I almost can't take it any more. Yesterday, I was talking about abortion, which I feel terrible about because I have prayed for this baby for three years.

I have other health problems (pacemaker, ulcerative colitis). The pregnancy has the full support of my doctors, but with the sickness I just feel so fragile and terrified this whole thing is going to kill me. I have general anxiety and a fear of death and pregnancy seems to have made this 50 times worse.

If there is anyone out there who can help me get through this, I would appreciate your support. I have spoken to my GP and am on the waiting list for CBT but I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out.


08-08-10, 09:30
Hi Genie

With you all the way on this one! My panic attacks spiralled out of control when pregnant with my first child (now 15 yrs old) and it was centred around my absolute fear of hospitals, illness and the thought that I would die giving birth. But, guess what, I got through it.

I am sure that once you get past the puking stage everything will calm down a little - there is nothing worse that being sick all over the place is there? Try some ginger - believing as you take it that it will work rather than being negative - and see if there is any improvement (my personal fave was organic ginger biscuits with a cup of camomile tea).

Next, you need to know and acknowledge that you have great professional medical support for this pregnancy with full cogniscence of your existing medical problems. Let the professionals look after the medical aspect of your pregnancy and you try and focus on your mental health issues and the prospect of a beautiful baby that you so long for.

Finally, you need to push your health professionals all the way for CBT - also, why not ask if there is a sympathetic midwife or health visitor on the GP/hospital team who could give you the time to express your fears and who could reassure you whilst you are awaiting the therapy?

Trust me, it will be fine in the end and you will have a beautiful child to love and cherish. Although my first pregnancy was very challenging with my panic attacks and phobias and, at times, I rued the day I got pregnant, I have to tell you that all was fine I had a beautiful baby boy and went on (following very successful CBT) 6 years later to have a second son enjoying a panic free pregnancy and a trouble free birth with no interventions.

Good luck hun


margaret jones
08-08-10, 10:25
Hi Genie sorry you are having a rough time with sickness it probably will get better in the next few weeks usually around 12 weeks things might settle down , my daughter was very sick with her sons but she says they are definetly worth it , i no that is easy for me to say when you feel so poorly but try and stay positive and tell your GP how much you are struggling maybe he will Hurry your CBT Therapy along I hope so .
Re your Pacemaker ( I have one for Bradycardia ) and this stops me wearing Magnetic bands i presume you cannot wear the seabands that are for travel sickness ????

Hope things improve soon for you MAGGIE have a :hugs: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

09-08-10, 07:29
Thank you both of you!

MJ - it really helps to hear you got through it, and managed to have two children (seems impossible to me right now, will be happy to just have one!). I am going back to see GP this week, and am seeing midwife for first time this weekend, so hopefully that will help. I was only sick twice yesterday :roflmao: which really has helped me feel a bit better. I know I just need to hang in there. On the good days it seems fine, but on the bad days just impossible!

Maggie - thanks for the words of encouragment. I would take the pacemaker op over pregnancy any day: now seems like a breeze in comparison LOL. Seabands aren't magnetic so I can use them. They work with a plastic disc which places pressure on your acupressure point. But I have tried them, and they don't help me at all! Am sure they do work for other people, though!

Genie xx