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24-02-06, 05:12
Hi All i'm new to this site, and i would like to let people know that there is a natural remedie called seredyn wich works within 15-30 min of taking 1 cap really fast and good for anxiety

sharlene nazza

24-02-06, 12:17
where do you get it

24-02-06, 15:19
I have seen this remedy along with Amoryn, but I understand these shouldn't be taken if you are already on prescription meds, or have I read it wring? They do sound good though.

Jenny xx

25-02-06, 18:23
Always check and research these well with any other meds you happen to be on.

Many remedies are a great help but don't put yourself at risk by mixing meds even if some seem natural and without any sideeffects


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28-02-06, 18:13
finally!! lol ive been thinking bout this for ages, but no-one i know ever heard of it! its only available online i think as boots and other majour chemists dont carry it, so i was supicious!