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15-08-10, 20:37

I was wondering if anyone knew what had happened to the Seroxat Mad forums?

When I google it, or try to access it, it is flagged up as an 'attack site' that might pass on a virus or harm my computer.

I think it's a shame as it was really helping me and I had some friends on there.

Any idea?

Thanks. XXX

25-08-10, 00:43
Yes I saw that too so I found this site instead.
Well good luck ;)

26-08-10, 18:36
Ta! I'm just a bit worried about the people on there. I want to know how they're getting on.

26-08-10, 18:40
Well it looks like Google is flagging it as a site that may install a virus of you PC.

I never knew they did that!

At a guess try emailing admin@seroxatmad.co.uk (admin@seroxatmad.co.uk)

That may get through to them

26-08-10, 18:52
Thanks. It seems like they have been hacked or something? I have emailed the admin, just waiting for a reply.

28-08-10, 12:10
Hello people its back up and running now just thought i would let you know

28-08-10, 22:29
I still can't get on? :shrug: Google still has it down as an attack site.

02-09-10, 21:12
Hello Lalala have just been able to get back on the seroxatmad website, Hope you are ok, been thinking about how you have been. It comes up with a warning and I can get through that by clicking on a box!!!.

How are you?
Jenny (from the seroxatmad forum) xx

04-09-10, 16:47
:D Hi Jenny! I can't get through at all in Firefox. It's definitely still listed as an attack site too. I am actually really well, on Cipralex now instead of sertraline, how are you?

04-09-10, 19:15
Hi there, I get through on google chrome,

I am doing ok, have been on the prozac for nearly 6 months and now starting to come off:unsure: Have reduc ed down to 10mg and have been on that for 2 weeks, been ok, just headache and dizzy and just feel abit odd!!. Gonna take it slow and see how I go. Tried the CBT too but didnt feel it helped me much, dont think she know what to do with me!!!

Glad you are doing ok, have been thinking of you.

Jen x

14-10-10, 12:41

Just to let you know i sorted the problem out (a hidden file on the server) pity the hosting company had no idea when i asked for help

Just need to sort some categories out for the forum


P.S Google and firefox have taken me off the attack site list.....