View Full Version : So Seroxat is still available?

16-08-10, 21:50
This med helped me lots way back before it was known about the withdrawal effects. I asked my GP for it recently and was told they don't prescribe it any more. Seems like they are fibbing if people here are on it.

Can you tell me if it was your GP or a P doc who prescribed it for you?


Kerry B
16-08-10, 22:01
Hi I am Seroxate and it was prescribed by my CPN via my GP I don't think they like to prescribe it, due the withdrawl side effects, but I was on this 15 years ago and it worked for me like its working again this time, without I don't know where I would be.

16-08-10, 22:39
I'm on it. I started on the generic Paroxetine a few weeks ago, but for my last prescription I was given Seroxat.

I know there is some controversy about the drug, owing to some covered-up tests that suggested it increased the risk of suicide when first started. Personally, I haven't found it different in its effects and side-effects from the other SSRIs I've been on - but then, I don't seem to be affected all that much by side-effects anyway.

17-08-10, 11:40
Hi I was prescribed seroxat as I found citalopram gave me too many side effects and the only other option interfered with my thyroxine.
It is still available, but doctors need to be convinced to provide it to you.
To be honest the increased side effects and or harder withdrawl are there with all the AD's so im unsure why this one has such a bad press.

17-08-10, 12:31
was on seroxat for 10 years, then went on citalopram for 1 year which didnt work and gave me bad side effects so went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and asked to be put back on seroxat, which was no problem

jude uk
09-09-10, 03:00
I think its the med from hell.....

13-09-10, 20:40
I think its the med from hell.....

we all have diff experiences with A/D..personally i found it a great med back in 2000-took it for 3.5years and had no side effects and was mr sociable.so much in fact that i forgot to take it after that 3.5 years and gradully stopped it..no bad withdrawal-maybe i got lucky.
i have tried some of the newer a/d and side effects have been awful,tremor,head shakes.constant yawning.etc
i have no bad things to say about seroxat.

14-09-10, 10:16
I also have nothing bad to say about seroxat its really helped me to get out of the worst of my anxiety.

01-10-10, 18:25
its kind of scary really i have heard that paxil was recalled but im not sure if its true!

17-10-10, 21:44
the doctor obviously doesn't like prescribing the drug because, as explained above, it can cause withdrawal symptoms, infact, it is the only ssri that does cause withdrawal symptoms. maybe you should explain to him you prefer to take paroxetine (which is basically seroxat anyway) because you find it helps, if he still wont then go to another surgery, unless you're willing to try a different drug?