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17-08-10, 13:47
Hi im now 27 weeks and my anxiety is at an all time high! Im getting so paranoid about anything and everything! Im a single mum of two teenagers i worry constantly when they are out that something will happen to them i sometimes feel like i just wanna lock us in the house so i can keep them safe. Ive never felt like this until just recently i so hope its the pregnancy doin it just hope i aint going crazy! Im on meds for raised bp which is under control but i still worry about hospital visists etc as i get white coat syndrome and panic something wil happen to me. i feel so alone and scared i just hope this feeling goes away and soon! I wanna feel my old self without these awful weird thoughts and paranoia i feel so alone!

18-08-10, 09:14
I'm feeling exactly the same, and only 12 weeks! Completely terrified. So you're not alone. Your hormones are going crazy, you have two teenagers to be worried about, and you are a single mum. It sounds like a perfect reason to be anxious. When I feel that way (most of the time) I just try to tell myself that everything is ok. Find a quiet place, take some deep breaths, and remember why I am putting myself through this!

Have you spoken to your GP? Mine was very understanding, more than I thought she would be. Now you are in your second trimester, it could be there is some medication that might help you.

If you want to chat, private message me.:)


19-08-10, 12:47
Hey Mistykell,

Just as Genie says, you really are not alone. Im nearly 33 weeks and get really anxious when I go near a doctor or hospital. My BP also goes up as I get so stressed that they will tell me something is wrong. And then I feel really guilty about being anxious as I don't want to harm the baby. My mind is constantly racing these days...thinking about all I have to do, worrying about health issues (my anxiety stems from this), and stressing about how I'll cope.
I wish I had an on/off button to switch off my mind for a bit! :)

I have suffered anxiety the last 5 years but pregnancy has def increased the feelings. With all the hormones it really is a rollercoaster of emotions! Some days are worse than others. Ive found that taking time out to relax (have a bath, listen to music/relaxation CD, taking light exercise) helps to distract me.

Things will improve for you. I went thru a bad spell a couple of weeks ago and I got thru it. Maybe speak to the doc next time about how you are feeling as they are usually very understanding. I'm actually starting a few sessions of counselling this eve so hopefully that will help. And feel free to pm me also anytime if you want to talk about anything :hugs:

20-08-10, 07:59
Just wanted to say I had a brilliant experience at the midwife yesterday. They have a midwife who deals especially with mental health/anxiety, and she was AMAZING. So reassuring - didn't make me feel crazy, but just so safe. So I would definitely suggest talking to someone. I am also today having a first telephone consultation for CBT, which I am really hoping will help. It seems there is a lot of support out there. I'm not very brave at asking for help, but my experience so far suggests it can really make a difference. :yahoo:

22-08-10, 14:44
Thats gr8 Genie! Delighted you got on well. How did the cbt go?

Hope you're doing ok Mistykell :hugs:

Am doing ok the last few days. Have had one or two moments where my heart was racing but coping ok with it. Lets hope it continues!

23-08-10, 07:30
CBT initial consultation went well. I had to do a lot of questionnaires which rated how anxious I was - made me sound completely mad! But they are going to call me in the next couple of days to outline some different options - I will let you know how it goes.

So glad you're feeling better the past few days. Keep going - you can do it!:)

23-08-10, 15:29
Hi plooding along as best as i can! Doctor gave me prozac but i stopped taking as after only 3 days my bp seemed to raise slightly ok could be me just being anxious but id rather go without plus felt shit on them bad head and feeling more anxious! Am at hospital for scan and antenatal so gonna discuss with them there. Hope all ok and babies ok too.

24-08-10, 07:39
Interesting to hear about the Prozac - my GP has talked to me about this. But I've heard that the main side effect is nausea and as I still have terrible morning sickness I don't think I can face that!
I had my 13 week scan yesterday and all is well. Then started to tell people. I think this has made me a little more anxious (did that happen to anyone else?) - somehow more real. But I'm also keeping going!

Hope the scan and the check goes well. Am sure all will be fine - let us know.:hugs:

06-09-10, 20:57
hi i need some help i was on tables for anxiety but had to take me straght off them as im preg but the thing is we goin on holiday and im sooooo scared going on the train last time the docters put me on tables now i cant have any please help

07-09-10, 08:07
There should be something you can take. My GP told me she'd rather not before 12 weeks, but even then she would if I was desperate. Go back and ask again!