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26-02-06, 13:06
Hi everyone,

I am starting CBT this Wednesday...I am really nervous about it. The actual appointment in itself is facing my fear head on, as my phobia is about becoming ill whilst out. I especially hate appointments because I feel trapped...so this appointment is in itself a big deal for me.

I'm also worried because I really want this to work, as I've tried so many other things that have not helped....I feel at my wits end. I'm so dertermined to make this work and i'll do what it takes.

But any words of wisdom and a bit of support would be much appreciated.
Thank you!
Ps, Would anyone find it helpful if I post my experiances of it here? Or are there enough posts on CBT already?

26-02-06, 13:08
By the way, can I just thank anyone who replied to my previous post with advice on finding a CBT Psychologist...you guys really helped. xx

26-02-06, 13:11
Hi Munchkin,

Did you go private in the end?


"Everybody's changing and I don't feel the same"

26-02-06, 13:21
Hi kate,
Yes I had to, the waiting list for NHS in my area is two years...I'm hoping this man will be right, but if not i'm prepared to shop around, as it were!

How are you feeling? Did your appointment last week go ok? xx

26-02-06, 13:55
Hi Munchkin

Good luck with this. It will be ok once you get there and start talking.

I suggest you take along a bottle of water and a notebook to takes notes on what he suggest you try.

Yes please do a diary here as we are always looking for real life experiences of CBT. I don't know whether you have read my diary on here or not but it does help to look back over it and others can see the sort of things I do whilst having CBT.

Wishing you the best of luck with it.


26-02-06, 14:14

Have pm'd you.


"Everybody's changing and I don't feel the same"

26-02-06, 15:43
Thank you Nicola! yes, I have read your diary on CBT. I've found it very helpful and encouraging and i could relate to a lot of what you've said...i'm so pleased CBT is helping you too.
I will update on how things go.

And Kate, thanks for your message :)

Sue K with 5
27-02-06, 01:37
Hi Munchkin !

I have an appointment with my cbt therapist on Wednesday too so I will be thinking of you!

Words of wisdom will come during your sessions, you will discover you have achieved things you thought were impossible and might not even recognise it until you get home.

Stay focused and listen this can work !

Good luck and we are right here so come and let us all know how it went



27-02-06, 15:44
Thanks. Hope your appointment on Wednesday goes well too!

27-02-06, 20:13
Hi new here,
my daughter has just seen a crap therapist to night via her gp, who said that she couldnt be helped-cant get CBT on the nhs, made her cry. Her Uni GP was good and said she would really benefit. She is fed up being the way she is.
Can you get it on NHS? If not how much is it? Are there places in South London - where she lives?

28-02-06, 00:02
hi munchkin,
good luck with the session.
i tried out two different therapists. i was so nervous for the first one that i took my mum with me and got a cab (i was agoraphobic at the time) which was a nightmare in itself. then, i got to the session and realised i hadn't taken my house keys with me. the session was a total disaster and i had to sit in a cafe with my mum for about two hours afterwards, waiting for my boyfriend to courier over his set of keys.
my point is that i dealt with what was a total nightmare at the time, because i had to. it made me realise that we are capable of a lot more than we give ourselves credit for. and the next therapist i saw was an absolute godsend.
cbt is not for everyone. i personally loved it, but it was a lot of hard work. good luck with it.
henri x

28-02-06, 01:11
Good luck, I'm sure you will be fine, Like you I was very worried when I had my first session. Once you get there you will be fine. Try not to worry.

Take care.x


28-02-06, 14:00
Thank you again for the support you guys. It means a lot.
henri, I understand what you mean, I always find the thought of doing something worse than actually doing it. And I always cope somehow...

sha_z...sorry to hear about your daughters experiance...yes you can get CBT on the NHS but waiting lists are usually pretty long (the one is my area is 2 years, thats why i'm going private). You GP can refer you privatly but the clinic my GP looked into were charging 150 per session (not kidding either!). So i've found my own psychologist charging 60 a session, still expensive but not as bad.

28-02-06, 14:48
Hi Munchkin,

I have been to see the CBT today, i am really pleased with my progress, i couldnt go shopping before i went to see him, i have found it really good, there is alot of hard work to do but its worth it in the end, my theropist as tape recorded every session, which i thought was a excellent idea, as when i feel i am i unable to cope i can listen to the tapes at home which always makes me feel better, and its a great idea so you can go back on things you may have forgot.

I wish you luck and hope it works out for you.