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20-08-10, 11:21

new member to this site - I have been taking anti-depressants now for some 18 years (a long time!). I dont believe these are having any positive benefit for me now. have been on duloxetine 90mg now for over a year. I have managed to sort out a lot of personal problems in my life - ie quitting booze and drugs, getting fit, help with friends, regular job etc so believe I can now deal with any low moods that come along (everyone has bad days!). I would like to hear from anyone that has succesfully come off any anti-depressants and their experiences please? I know it wont be easy to come off them after such a long time but know in my heart its the right thing for myself. a lot of my "depression" was just keeping it all inside and isolating.
thanks geoff

21-08-10, 21:10
Hi and welcome. You will find help on here, I've just come of prozac to duloxetine I've had no problems really I have kept a dairy on here. I think everyone is different and you must do as your doctor tells you. I knoe people on here who have come off stuff by doing it verg, very slowly so ya body hardley notice it cause it still in ya body forsometime even if u suddenly stop, so you got to do it slow and don't expect it over night to be sorted. And remember people who report there experience on here are normally not that inspiring. Cause they want help the people who are feeling well don't often pop in that much anymore.

26-08-10, 09:41
thanks for your reply - yes will be taking iot slowly coming off the AD's. do u think u will come off them one day?? I think having lots of support and staying positive is the key.

28-08-10, 19:18
i dont know if i ever be off them,, but cut down maybe,