View Full Version : Pre-natal Anxiety & After the birth

20-08-10, 16:46
Hi ladies hope your well! Im currently 34 weeks pregnant and have had a very rough ride with anxiety during this pregnancy, i dont feel depressed but sometimes my anxiety can be that bad that it does get me down. Anyway to cut a long story short my main anxiety is that im going to go mad once i deliver! This is my fourth pregnancy and that has never happened before but i cant get the thoughts out of my head!
My question is has anyone had anxiety during pregnancy and its got better once baby has been born im holding on to the hope that its pregnancy hormones making me worse! xx

22-08-10, 12:04
Hi Sonya - I had those anxious thoughts on my 2nd pregnancy and I'm relieved to say they did go away once my daughter was born! I am feeling a bit wobbly lately but I know its to do with another situation and I dont relate it to my pregnacy at all - well DD is one now so it would be very weird if it was pregnancy related lol! Once you deliver your hormones will settle and seeing as its your 4th you will know what you are doigg and will have no reason to be anxious with regards to the baby! HTH (((HUGS)))

22-08-10, 13:47
Thanks for replying that gives me loads of comfort! All ive heard up to now is that im at increased risk for pnd and anxiety which i know is true but would be nice for docs to say well this actually may not happen lol xx