View Full Version : Withdrawal from seroxat after 3 weeks using, help!

21-08-10, 02:44
I was 3 weeks on seroxat, and quite the 3th week by reducing dose od 20 mg. Now its been 2 months that im not on seroxat and withdrawal simptoms are still here. How long they are going to last, and when am i going to feel the same way before i was using seroxat (aka paxil)? Anyone have experience or know how long withdrawal takes usually?

I have:Sluggishness,Agitation,Amnesia,Apathy ,Appetite Decreased ,Auditory Hallucination ,Concentration Impaired ,Confusion Disorientation,Forgetfulness ,Insomnia,Libido Decreased ,Lethargy,Somnolence,Neck/Shoulder Pain ,Pupils Dilated ,Vision Blurred,Serotonin Syndrome.....

Please help me or im going to killl myself...

21-08-10, 05:10
You have my full sympaty, I was on that drug for only 4 days and felt exactly the same as you did it was a living hell. Cant remenber how long it took for the symptoms to go away but I guess it's different for everyone. Some people get on really well with seroxat, but I wasnt one of them it had a really adverse effect on me. Do what I did and ring your doc asap Take care and hope it passes soon.

Kerry B
21-08-10, 12:06
I would of though if you had only taken Seroxate for 3 weeks and been off them now 2 months they would of been out of your system by now. I was on Seroxate for 15 years and come off them by changing to another Antidepresant so didn't really feel the withdrawals only really feel nausea. I would speak to your GP for advice.

21-08-10, 12:07
Are you sure the symptoms youre getting arent because youre still ill? Alot of those thigns come along with anxiety and depression.

21-08-10, 12:27
It sounds to me as though you are needing immediate help. I'd go and see the doctor because you sound really low and at the end of your tether. You shouldn't have to battle alone with this. Please speak to your doctor.:hugs:

21-08-10, 14:33
i agree with MAJ get to the doctor - 3 weeks on seroxat doesn't really give the time you need to be able to deal with your emotions or physical symptons. I took seroxat for 9 months many years ago, and whilst a lot of my family said I wasn't particularly NICE whilst on them, they did help me to sort out my own stuff....give them a propper chance - its like any chages one makes in life - the first few steps are REALLY difficult, but once things become habit, it starts getting better! good luck

21-08-10, 20:31
I guess im very sensitive and seroxat was to strong form me. I was completlly healthy before seroxat, i didnt have any of these simptoms before seroxat! Reason why i took seroxat is that i was nervios and little scared in public. But that was not allways... Maybe the doctor wrong about seroxat.

I was at doctor who give me seroxat and she wanted to put me on Zoloft! I think that that doctor is crazy...

So I changed doctor. I done EEG and evrything is fine. Done EMNG to and theres a problem, i have decese of motorn neurons... I have weak muscles and i generally to relaxed! I have Myopathy! I know whats going on with my muscles but i dont know what is going on with my brain i cant remember anything... This is living hell!!!! I dont know what i am going to do...

RACHEL, how long did it takse for you to withdrawal stop? What did you do?

22-08-10, 19:42
Does anyone want to help???

25-08-10, 00:38
So sorry you are going through all this !
It sounds like you might have had some reaction to something,its really trial and error and you might need to take something temporarily to get you through this.
I found sertraline calmed me down,I took this for a while before seroxat.
It made me so relaxed but I prefer to be on the go within reason!.
We are not doctors so cant diagnose,but you urgently need to go back to your health provider.
It sounds like your body is relaxed and hang on in there with the muscle weakness it should pass.
But hallucinations,you may have a little paranoia!
They will probably give you an anti psycotic like Haloperidol, I dont reccomend it can cause tremors.
Take my word and take some Zoloft for 3 months just to get you back to normal.
I got on the pill roundabout and have been on it for 6 years,and just got off the merry go round.
Well good luck
Im sure Iam in severe trouble giving you this advice as Im under a shrink,so see for yourself.
You just sounded a bit desperate I hope I,ve not made you feel worse.

25-08-10, 06:20
I will not take AD never in my life. Never Ever!

26-08-10, 23:09
Whats AD ?
Do you mean meds ?
Well I took the psychotic pill Haloperidol for 1 month,I had anxiety and also paranoia and I was told to cum off the Halo as the nurse sed my head was shaking and you know wat,my head didnt stop shaking for about 3 bloody years with no meds.
20 different pills later an anti seizure pill stopped my head shaking Topamax and this made my anxiey in the body a 100 times worse so I came off it,but my head stopped shakin and especially didnt shake with seroxat it was great 4me,I suppose it depends what the problem is.
Shame for you as u only had social phobia!

So what are you going to do to stop your symptoms.
They def will pass so dont worry you wont be stuck like that although it may feel like forever!

I know I would not be able to cope and sertraline seemed pretty harmless compared to the other stuff.
you need to relax your brain with sleep so it can get back to normal.
Lots of love,fight to stay positive X