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27-02-04, 11:42
Just a funny little story to make you smile this morning. I had my positive head on this morning and was determined to go into Safeway and buy fruit. Simple really, except that the fruit is not near the door and at the back of the shop. In I went, positive, positive,...... scared, scared........shaking, shaking,..........couldn't make it to the fruit, but did buy a tin of cat food! When I got home I was so proud I immediately phoned my husband (knee deep in grime) to tell him my news. He laughed, well actually he didn't just laugh he howled with laughter. When I asked him what on earth he found so funny, he said it was the thought of cat food instead of fruit on my cereal tomorrow!! Oh well, today cat food, tomorrow fruit! Who knows..........?!

27-02-04, 12:55
well done you!

i thought the punchline was going to be that you didnt have a cat lol!

they dont make these supermarkets,panic friendly,do they!i think iceland is quite good,its just about the right size!

a couple of months ago,a few of us were joking about walking around sainsburys tapping our meridiens,so when i do my weekly shop,i always think of that..makes me smile.

i know,you just wanted fruit,but at least,you took the brave step of walking in,and buying something..next time,take a trolley,its something to lean on,doesnt matter,wots in it,as long as you feel good!

well done...little steps... bryan.

27-02-04, 13:16
Hey Jolly

Well done, doesnt matter what you bought, the fact is, you went in and you bought something. I rememer the 1st time i went in the supermarket 'on my own', i phoned my hubby and he said 'yeah, and..about time' - how sweet...NOT...lol
anyway..good for you, great first step and something to remember and have a laugh about eh?

love Sarah

27-02-04, 14:58
Well done

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you went if for - the point is YOU WENT IN!!!!

I had to do Safeway on Saturday instead of Sainsburys, and I really didn't feel very well half way round. I'm sure the lights are different in there - they definitely have more illumination around the shampoo/shower gel shelves!

Maybe you should start shopping in the stores where you know they have the stuff you want near the checkout?

Be proud - some of us have given in and do our shopping on the internet!


What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

27-02-04, 16:40
Well done!!! you managed it there and you managed to get something, even if werent the right thing its still brilliant that you went and did it!! Small steps lead to bigger ones!!

Well done


Positive thinking is the key to success!

27-02-04, 18:43
Many congratulations indeed.

New territory accomplished


27-02-04, 19:03
Thank you all for knowing just how I felt. It is a real inspiration that none of you ever say anything negative, when it is really such a negative illness. What a good idea about a trolley - I never even thought of it and it would keep away that topple over feeling you get. I'm off again tomorrow and I'm getting that fruit if I have to crawl on my hands and knees for it!! There goes that positive head again. I bet it's gone by morning!!

27-02-04, 19:41
Hiya JollyWalrus,

Thanks for this post it really did brighten my day. LOL......... Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did very well.

I agree with all the other posts, it does`nt matter what you picked up. What matters is that you set a goal for yourself and you went in and picked something up that was atleast useful.

Look at it this way you could`ve just popped in and picked up an old piece of tissue off the floor that someone carried in on their shoe, but no you went that further step and actually got something you can use!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.................. :). Sorry I could`nt help but write that down.

Seriously you coped superbly, and good for you, your mate actually acknowledges how incredible that task was for you.

I wish you all the luck for tomorrows journey. Make sure you post to let us know how you did. I know you will get that fruit no matter what!!!!!!!!! :-D,and I bet you won`t even have to get down on your hands and knees. I am very proud of you, Keep up the great work.

Remember positive thoughts and little steps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care dear,

Diana xxxxx