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25-08-10, 14:22
Hi everyone,

So I was just about managing my anxiety surrounding my health and being pregnant, and then yesterday had what my doctor now told me was a migraine - I was seeing zigzag lines, then had the most terrible headache.

I've never had migraine before, and am now in a state of anxiety again because migraine is associated with DVT (and I already have a risk factor for that).

Has anyone else had migraines whilst pregnant?

26-08-10, 22:56
Hey hun!

Sorry to hear you havn't been well. Migraines are sooo common in pregnancy tho. I had a few whoppers round your stage too but thankfully they eased off. Just try drink loads of water, at least two litres a day and try not to worry about it as the anxiety will only make it worse. It's to do with the increase of hormones...nothing to worry about honestly :hugs:

Take it easy and hope that you feel better soon x

27-08-10, 08:18
Thanks, Shortcake. They say they are common but I don't know anyone whose had one. So now I do, which makes me feel a lot better. Am trying not to be anxious, but is easier said than done for me right now! How are you doing?:)

29-08-10, 14:28
I'm doing ok thanks, tired these days and finding I get more out of breath or my heart going faster if I'm doing things and I've been getting anxious about that which only makes it worse :( But am trying to just take it easy and stay positive. I'm back at work on Tues after being off for the summer (I'm a teacher) and I dunno how I'll cope...not looking forward to it :(

How are you doing Genie? Hope the migraines have settled x

31-08-10, 17:00
Headache is ok, so fingers crossed it was a one off... But morning sickness horrific (and at 14 weeks!!).

I'm a lecturer and due back tomorrow, so I know EXACTLY how you feel about the end of the summer break. Let me know how it goes.

Genie :)

31-08-10, 19:33
Well back at work and feel like I could sleep for a week!!! It was grand , bit anxious this morning but it wasnt too bad. Just the heat is quite bad in the class so gonna get myself a fan as it doesnt help the situation!
Glad to hear the headache is ok, plenty of water will help :). Hope you get on well tomorrow and take it easy too. Do they know you're pregnant?