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30-08-10, 20:46

I was just looking for some advice..

Im going out this sat night with my girlfriend and some friends,..

going to prob be drinking.. I am on 10mg Amitrip a night and have been for 2 and half weeks.. ?

is this wise?


30-08-10, 21:05
Im seeing the doc on wednesday regarding my current symptoms .. so I will ask him but i know he will tell me its not a good idea..

i just wanted to know if anyone has experienced achohol with anti d's

Vanilla Sky
30-08-10, 21:24
Yes , i was on them for about 8 months , same dose as you 10mg . I drank on them with no problems. I used to skip one night when i was going out and resume them the next night . Just don't go over the top , enjoy your night out :)
Paige x

30-08-10, 21:26
thats great .. yeh i will give one a miss then ..

thanks very much :)

01-09-10, 05:20
Hey Adam,

I study psychology and although I am by no means a professional or qualified in this field yet, I do know a lot about the medications associated with it. I'll give you my opinion :)

While you can have a few drinks and give amitryp a miss once every now and then, I would advise not to skip them often, and try not to drink a lot even if you do skip your medication because amitryp is a rather strong drug which stays in your system for a few days after you stop taking it.

but like Paige said, if you are going to drink I would say to definitely not take your medication within 6 hours of drinking alcohol (so either take it int he morning or skip it completely), and to limit your alcohol intake anyway. By all means enjoy yourself :) Just be aware that even though you don't take the medication on that day drinking alcohol may still affect you differently than it usually would. The biggest problem with combining alcohol and medication is that the medication causes you be affected by alcohol faster than usual.

The most ideal situation would be that you go out and don't drink any alcohol at all, but I understand that we just don't have that control or want to do that. I used to drink on my medication all the time when I was 17/18 and I never had a complication from it (I was on a different medication). It did give me some terrible hangovers though. The only time I've ever had hangovers is when I've drunk on medication. Watch out especially with amitryp because it causes dehydration itself so in conjunction with alcohol it may give you a rippin hangover. Drink as much water as you can.

Go out, have fun, have some drinks, but just be cautious and don't over-indulge :)

06-09-17, 09:27
I'm aware I'm raking up a new thread, but I have the same question and wondered if anyone else had any experiences to share?

I'm on about 10mg, but I just miss the odd glass of wine every once in a while! I've not touched a drop in 5 years but it would be nice just to have a Pimms here and there! (Not thinking of going out and getting drunk every night, just a glass or two at home the odd weekend)

I've somehow got visions of it making me violently ill (and I have emetophobia as it is! Lol)

Anyone having a drink whilst on these?

17-09-17, 08:21
I am on 75mg and drink lager. Usually a couple of cans that is all. My doctor really does not want me drinking at all as they say the dose is high but it was double that a few weeks back, so they cut me down by half. 10mg really is a very low dose if you want to drink a couple of beers or a glass of wine but do not over do it as Amitriptyline is a very potent drug.