View Full Version : Diazepam and Sport??

02-09-10, 10:31

I recently ran from a pre-arranged football game, as my panic/anxiety took over, this left me feeling really down and really depressed as I really wanted to play.

I have ben prescribed Diazepam to deal with severe anxiety such as this however, can I take one before I play, to calm my nerves or will it impair my ability in the game? I am not sure, any help would be hugely appreciated!!

John x

02-09-10, 10:42
yes it could do it wont affect your playing but could make you bit tierd and very relaxed but 2mg isnt a big amount ,so cant see the harm many people take it that have to work and play

02-09-10, 10:49
Thanks gypsywoman - so it wont impair me in anyway, I'm just worried because I wanna be able to play okay.


02-09-10, 13:21
Will it affect skills, etc?? x

02-09-10, 13:51
are you a striker , i should think you will be fine ,,but as i say more laid back,just dont other side know lol you will be able to play ,have you ever had a drink just one before playing

03-09-10, 09:33
I play in goal actually which is why it worries me!!

I'm just gonna take a half and hope for the best.

Thanks for the help.