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03-09-10, 21:02
Hi, just want to ask if anyone has had balance tests done at the hospital, I'm having the test on Tuesday next week as I am constantly off balance, unsteady walking and dizzy. My letter says the test takes around an hour and half, and that I will not be able to drive home after. I really don't know what to expect. I'm scared the test are going to make me more dizzy than I already am and that I will have a panic attack while at the hospital. I guess I will be in the right place anyway.
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend
thanks for Reading.

03-09-10, 22:31
Hello. I haven't had balance tests, but my Dad did some years ago. He had no adverse effects. These notes on what to expect might help you:

http://www.thewellingtonhospital.com/downloads/Wellington%20Balance%20Centre%20Patient%20Guide.pd f

Good luck:hugs:

04-09-10, 13:39
Yes I have twice in the past.
Nothing to worry about they just made me walk then walk with eyes closed and to stand on one leg with arms out and things like that I am trying to remember as it was quite a few years back now.
Nothing was wrong we me they said it is anxiety.
For 24 years have been off balance , unsteady walking and living with dizziness which at times has been so bad I have been unable to walk have had to have people even help me to the bathroom.

I have to live with this and it is the 1 thing that has left my life in bits.

As I feel like it even at home there is no escape from it.
This is why I have agoraphobia as how dare I go out the door and go out if I am feeling this bad in my own home.

I do have some weeks where it is not as bad and will go out to people homes or for short trips out, but the things is always there in the back ground.

Some one asked my mate a few years back if I was a drunk as every time they see me I seem to not be walking properly
Recently I braved it and went to a supermarket with a mate and a old man and his wife stopped me and said they where sorry I had hurt myself and had I been in a car accident.
Many other people have asked me this in the last couple of years as I seem to hang my head down to the left side and people think I have hurt my neck when I think it is to due with learning to live with the dizziness and trying to walk.

How long have you been like this for.
It will be very interesting to me to hear what happens at the hospital.
I hope all goes well for you thinking of you as I know how frightening it must be in case they do something that may make you more dizzy.
Good luck

05-09-10, 17:52
thank you for the link Chem.

thank you for your reply loveletter. The hospital sent me a leaflet with my appointment letter and it says that they will be putting either water or air into my ears, also wearing goggles and following lights around the room, I didn't read anymore cause it freaked me out lol.
These problems started for me early 2009 but have got a lot worse, some days I cant even walk about, I too have it at home.
I it so hard to believe that this is anxiety as I have this every minute of every day except for when I am asleep.
This is the reason for my agraphobia too.
Many people have commented on my funny walking too, its so embarrassing, I lean to the right side, how strange.
I will let you know how I go on, and thanks again.

09-09-10, 20:25
I went to see the neurologist on Monday, he is sending me for a brain scan and balance rehab. He could see how difficult walking is for me, but I think he too thinks it's anxiety. He is also sending me to see a balance specialist, which I'm pleased about, really need ti get to the bottom of this.
On Tuesday I went for the balance test, but they couldn't do the one they really needed too due to me having an ear infection.
I did have one test where I wore goggles and had to follow a light across a long bar, and a computer monitors eye movement and records dizziness, very clever technology. Don't know the results yet.
I have to go back in two weeks to have the other tests which is putting tubes in my ears and warm water run through, which forces the fluids in the ears to move, and apparantly this can tell the doctors a lot, just won't be nice for me though, as the test brings on dizziness. I will let you know when I know more.

10-09-10, 13:37
I think you have been very brave Ann as I would be to scared to have the tests you are talking of.
I am so very scared about being dizzy any test that would make me more dizzy would be terrifying.
You sound so much like me so at least I can not be going mad with this dizzy stuff and your sounds very much like mine.
I am really interested that you are having tests as I have just been told by every doctor I have ever seen it is anxiety

Do you leave the house at all if so can you go out alone.

10-09-10, 19:43
Hi Loveletter
The only time I leave my house alone is to go to my mum and dads but its only like 20 seconds from my house they live back to back with me, I cant walk there though I go in the car. I don't go anywhere else on my own, I'm too scared cause I am so off balance and dizzy all the time. My walking is really bad at the moment I literally walk all over the place, I don't know if its cause my anxiety is so high. I'm dreading the water in my ears test a week on Tuesday but have to go through with it to see if they can find whats going on.
I got a blue badge for parking today so I am hoping that will help me get to a few more places, when I'm brave enough. I don't really go out much as I cant really walk anywhere my legs are too weak and wobbly, if I do go out I have someone with me. This anxiety is really wearing me down, I feel ill everyday, my muscles are so tight and sore in my neck, shoulders and back.

22-09-10, 20:03
Well I went for the balance tests yesturday oh my wasn't nice had to do the goggles tests again as the hospital lost my results from two weeks ago, had the water tests done which brought on dizziness, first they put warm water in each ear one at a time then cold water, I did have a panic and scared the nurse as I said I couldn't breathe so she freaked out a little, but then I did settle down and managed to finish the test, it lasted for just over 2 hours, did feel like four.
I went to see the consultant today for my results, well I'm so glad I went for the test as they show a significant malfunction in my right ear which he said will affect my balance, he is sending me for an MRI just to make sure there is no tumour there, but he doesn't think there is, then if that comes back all clear then he will inject steroids into the damage ear, the main thing is he said that he is confident that he can improve my balance, he is also sending my for balance rehab. I do feel a little relieved that something has been found that's not life threatening and can be fixed, it's just going to take time.

29-03-12, 23:21
sorry to hear you are not well.
I am suffering with dizziness and off balanced ness 24/7. I cannot do anything! have paid so much to see a useless ENT doc, but going tomorrow to someone that specialises in dizziness and balance to have a hearing test and the balance tests...
will let you know how i get on
glad that ur appointment at the hospital was ok, i am sooo scared to go to the guy tomorrow, makes me soo anxious and i cant even speak i talk so fast when scared so absolutely dreading it :(
hope u stop feeling dizzy soon
do you take anyhting for it? i was taking Serc betahistine but they have advised to stop. do you ever use sea sick tabs?
hope u feel better soon, its sooo evil this dizziness we need to find an instant cure :D

05-05-16, 19:25
Hello, my husband is currently going through, what sounds like, exactly the same thing. I am wondering if this was ever resolved for you.

He has had this ongoing since October of 2015 so far, and we are doing the specialist appointments all over the place as well.

E.N.T sent us to do a balance test, where they will put water in his ears as well.

At this point we are both despairing hoping something will come up so that he has a path to get better. This is a very hard thing for someone to live through, with no answers, or paths to wellness.