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Hazel B
07-09-10, 19:18
Hello all. I am new today and need help on taking both of the above. I initially started on Citalopram but it gave me sweats and awful headache. My issue is anxiety after many medical tests on my liver, I have been told it's not a major issue now but I can't come down from the panic and worry. I was also bereaved 3 years ago and think this is also manifesting now.
So, I am on day 2 of the new tablets, have an upset tummy and am not sure if the Diazepam works. I also did not sleep last night though felt drowsy. My pulse has calmed down a lot from over 100 though which is good.
Can anyone help me and advsie on what to expect and side effects, thanks.

17-09-10, 18:06
How are you finding them now?

I've taken both over the course of my panic disorder (or whatever it's called now) and found the diazepam helpful but not the propranalol. However, my cousin (anxiety disorder) has used propranalol for a year now

Hazel B
17-09-10, 18:22
Thanks for asking, am now off the Diazepam (only took it a few nights) and still on the Propranolol, this has really got my pulse under 100bpm and calmed me down. I tried Kalms one night but they taste like horse muck and gave me tummy ache!
I've also started counselling which is helping.
You ok?

17-09-10, 18:40
Hoping you find the right amount and combination of helps. Best to your with your counselor.

17-09-10, 18:44
I'm pleased it's calmed you down :)

I'm having a bit of a rough one this evening but starting meds tomorrow so fingers crossed it goes ok. Thank you for asking :)

Hazel B
17-09-10, 18:45
The counselling is such a relief - years of unspoken trauma coming out and hopefully freeing the demons!