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08-09-10, 00:50
I can't believe this. A few months ago I noticed a lump on my left breast near my sternum. I went in to get it checked, got referred for an ultrasound, met with a breast surgeon who assured me the ultrasound was fine, just showed fibrocystic breast changes (lumpy breast tissue) and nothing to worry about. It happened right before my period and went away soon therafter.

Fast forward to this month, and now I have found another bump on the outer side of my breast, but this one feels a bit different - rounder, granular, and more firm. Very moveable. I'm coming off a terrible headflu and my armpit lymph nodes are big, along with my neck and even one in my groin.

I have an appointment to see the OBGYN in a few days (friday) and see what she thinks. I am stressed in the meantime, thinking it's horrible, it feels different than the last benign bump, and it's near my armpit which is bad, etc.

I'm 25 years old, btw. And I'm supposed to get my period this coming Monday and have been breaking out, etc. that points to hormones being out of wack.

I googled and the fibroadenoma sounds appropriate, but my bump is not smooth on the top, it's got little bumps/granular feel to it. I'm so panicked about this. Does anybody have any ideas?

08-09-10, 00:59
Hi Nanerpus. Breast tissue tends to feel lumpier before and during your period which is why they suggest doing your breast self examinations after your period...so you don't mistake normal lumpy breast tissue for growths. Are you coming up to a period? My breasts have always been pretty lumpy and are especially so around my period...sometimes they get sore too. The lumps I feel are fibrous and rough...some are smaller and smoother. Also...is the lump you are feeling up towards your armpit? It could just be a slightly swollen lymph gland because of your cold. Mine tend to come up there if I have a bad cold or flu.

I hope you feel better soon :)

Moonlight Xx

08-09-10, 01:01
Breast cancer is EXTREMELY uncommon in women under 50 years old, my nan had breast cancer and told my mum that. You did the right thing a couple of months ago getting it checked out, do the exact same again to be sure. The worst thing you can do is ignore it, which by the sounds of it you haven't.

08-09-10, 01:24
Hi Guys, thanks for your replies. I am supposed to get my period in about 5 or so days, and am breaking out with some acne which is hormone related. The lump is right about in the middle of the side of my breast. It just feels a bit different than the rest of the other "lumps" that I have grown to be aware of...it seems harder and more grainy, but is still very moveable. Not sore when I first noticed it, but sore now that I have been touching it.

08-09-10, 01:28
Also I will add that with some gentle massage I have noticed the lump tends to be less swollen, but then it swells back up again later. Hoping that means it is not cancer. Aaah I feel like such a headcase.

08-09-10, 10:48
Hi there. I've had so many scares and lumps over the years (I'm 43) now.

I've had mammograms and ultrasounds in my 20's and 30's and told I have very glandular tissue (plus not having children doesn't help either as apparently the breast tissue remains dense).

I now have yearly consultations with a breast consultant (not because I'm at risk, just because of my HA) and he decides if I should have a mammogram or ultrasound. Last year I had a cyst which he drained there and then for me.

I asked that because I'm so lumpy, how will I know if I find something as my breasts feel lumpy and different every month - he said I would definitely know by the feel - hard rigid fixed but he was very adamant saying "I would know".

I'm sure all is well.

08-09-10, 11:40
Hi jenny, thanks for your reply. I'm panicking a bit because it IS harder than the others, and a more defined shaped but not clearly like a marble or anything :-( and I'm wondering if this is "it" that I should know. It wasn't there 2 cycles ago when I had the breast surgeon examine me after my other lump...could cancer form that quickly? I'm praying that Monday after my period comes it goes away. I'm just so worried because it feels VERY different than the last one. Friday can't come soon enough.

I'm already worried and upset because my apptment Friday is in the morning and then right after I need to go to work, so even if they did want to ultrasound and had an apptment in the afternoon, I'll have to wait the entire weekend and into the next week to get in. But at least I can have some idea of what the ObGyn thinks it could be, right?

08-09-10, 11:52
I'm sure everything is fine. It's moveable which i've always been told is normal, plus if anyone had any doubts, they'd of rushed you through and you were only checked a couple of months back - all good signs.

I've also just noticed that you're due your period on Monday, I expect once Monday comes and go, it will go down.

I routinely check every month - a week after my period but for some reason one month I forgot, checked myself in bed and freaked out coz I felt a lump then realised I was due the following week - totally lost where I was in the week. Once my period and gone, the lump had gone down. Let us know how it goes.

08-09-10, 11:55
Hi Jenny,

I believe you are right. My breasts are tiny and I can always tell when they are hormonal because they swell, haha, and it only lasts for a few days right before my period. Also I am all broken out, etc. So I'm praying it's hormones. Or something else benign, but as much as googling scared me, I also realized there are SO many possible benign causes and at 25 it is very much more likely to be one of those. So I'm trying my best to think rationally about it and live for today. Your replies help so much. I will report back after my apptment. Thanks and you guys are all wonderful.