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11-09-10, 14:21
hey guys

i used to love art when i was younger, but when my problems with anxiety started when i 12 my confidence deteriorated pretty fast :(

i tried to get back into in my last year at school when i was 16/17 but it didnt matter how hard i tried to believe what i was doing was any good i just became miserable and ended up leaving the class.

has anyone else had this problem? or if anyone has any tips for getting back into it... even if its a challenge or something to get me started. i really used to love it and i know if i got back into it i could be good again :(

also used to love writing stories and poetry but again... i dont feel that they're any good so nobody gets to see them. but i miss it so much, always loved english but confidence is holding me back :(

paula lynne
12-09-10, 00:56
Hi...I got back into art last weel after viewing a website on art that appealed to me, some downloads are copyright free....put some tunes on and just start to doodle...x:blush:

12-09-10, 01:18
The only thing you can do is stop thinking about what everyone else thinks!
Do what makes YOU happy!
If you like to write, then write! Not for anyone else's pleasure of cretique but for your own satisfaction :)

12-09-10, 02:45
Hi Stacey,

this is a thread I can really relate with, I must thank you as you've reminded me of my life before at 13 it went horribly & continuously wrong.

I too missed much of my high school years, half of 2nd plus 3rd & 4th, but returned to do a 5th year, during which I got the only qualification I ever got - 'O' grade computing back long before PC's were even popular, and that was at night classes too.:blush:

Before my life went bad I inherited gifts from both my Mum & Dad, my Mum was a seamstress with great artistic skill, my father was amongst other things like oil paintings, sculptures & great big ideas that never came to fruition, was a forger & story teller.

Back then I used to have loads of friends who would in class give me just a word each and I there & then would create elaborate stories using they words as themes & story lines. But after my life went bad, I had no friends & my gifts kinda lapsed away to nothing. :weep:

Recently though & this is my helpful tip to you, I was given a book, a special book that helped me realise that I can do my writing but this time down on paper, the gift was to help me try and write about my life as many people were seriously interested but like many things my ill health & mental condition ruined it, I guess I turned out more like my Dad than I thought as lately my big ideas too never come to fruition. :blush:

But the book was so helpful that I managed to start many stories of my own, much like my dad did before he died.

The book in question, which I'm staring at write now is...
'Story' by Robert McKee, the front cover says it all really...

'Substance, structure, style, and the principles of screenwriting'

It can also be applied successfully to paper book writing, I wanted to write my book, of my life, so it would easily translate in to a film or something, not that anyone would ever make a movie of my life, it'd be longer than Shogun.
LOL :D o O (That made me giggle)

Anyway, I'm rambling as per usual :blush:
but I wanted you to know yer not alone in your situation & that there are helpful things out there like this book. :winks:

There are local art classes set up by gallery owners in my area so hopefully there may be in your area too, mainly for adults who wish to get back in to art just like you do, if I was fit enough I would join myself. :shades:

Oops, rambling again, I hope you find my post helpful & I wish you best wishes on getting to do what you want to do, you can do it, many people have. :D

Take care & be safe.

12-09-10, 04:18
Hi I used to paint watercolours. Much less inspired of late but when I was blocked I learnt a way to loosen things up.
I would stretch paper to 5 or 6 boards, wet them all with no sketching and would just pour, drop and splatter pre-mixed red blue & yellow and then see if there was anything to develope when the colours had blended & dried. Messy & fun especially if it had all got too serious.

I dont know if the same principle can be applied to drawing. Perhaps lots of loose doodling rather than focusing on one thing. Maybe getting away from detail. Sketching forms with charcoal or without looking. Anything rather than staring at that cursed blank sheet of paper.

A good library will have lots of books with techniques and ideas and is free.

I was recently given a new set of paints & pad as a thank you gift from a friend which I think was a well meaning hint to get back into it.
I hope you can get started again. :)