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13-09-10, 13:21
OK, so my anxiety is definitely playing up this week. Has anyone eaten anything they 'shouldn't' whilst pregnant? Last week, I ate some pre-washed, bagged salad leaves (I ran it under the tap both times before I ate it).

I checked in my NHS pregnancy book and it didn't say not to eat this, but the local booklet from my NHS listed pre-prepared salads. Now I'm terrified I have got listeria! It can take 90 days for the symptoms to emerge, and I think I am now going to panic about it for the next 3 months!


13-09-10, 16:14
genie....hiiiiiii....speak with your doc...or your team at the hosp...im so sure you will be fine but call someone to check....you washed it xxxx let me know how u get on xxxx

15-09-10, 10:31
My mum was going to the GP and so spoke to her about it. She said it's not on the list of foods they warn people against, and not to worry. Not that of course I will stop!

23-09-10, 19:03
Hi Genie

Okay here is what to tell yourself "thousands upon thousands, millions even, have been pregnant before and in the "olden" days they ate anything and everything they wanted. There was no warnings about dont eat this and dont eat that. When I was pregnant with DS they changed their mind about eating peanuts THREE times. How can we trust them when they tell us what to eat.

Do not panic about it. You washed them more than enough. These prepared salads are all washed before hand anyway. Do not worry about it.

Remeber they tell us not to eat liver. When my mum was pregnant with me (26 years ago) they recommended liver!!!

Please dont worry yourself. If you are still finding yourself worried mention it to your doc but I know you will be absolutely fine.

15-10-10, 12:40
Hi there Genie,
In case you're still anxious about this, I totally agree with Ails. I've been eating exactly what I've felt like. One weekend I seemed peversely to want a large number of what was on the 'banned' list and it's fine. I'm 26 or 27 weeks and it's apparently all as it should be. I've tried to keep the caffeine and alcohol down but still have some, totally none would just make me (even more) grumpy and negative. Have you actually seen the numbers they base these recommendations on? I've found getting information is a good way to feel more in control. They're hilarious. It's more dangerous to cross the road than the real risk of some of them. x

08-11-10, 17:16
Hi there

Just wanted to say don't worry!! Everyone - everyone - eats something they shouldn't when pregnant. The risk of getting ill from bagged salad is probably nil. I think someone once caught something years ago - consider all the bagged salad that is sold - and see the risk. Most pregnant woman I know eat it all the time and don't even wash it. A girl I knew preferred the bagged stuff as felt it would be safer than the non bagged stuff. All babies born just fine.

All the "what you shouldn't eat" lists are different. Midwives don't seem to know much either - they will all tell you different things. Just use common sense, and wash veggies and fruit well and cook meat well and avoid the usual soft cheese/uncooked meat.

When I was pregnant I ate bbq-d meat all the time until someone told me I shouldn't. There is always someone around to frown at you!

Good luck and enjoy your pregnancy - it's so so special.