View Full Version : Having an intravenous stress ECG

13-09-10, 18:11
I'm a bit nervous as I have been booked in for a stress echo cardiogram, it's being done by intravenous injection because I have a neck problem and can't do the treadmill one. Obviously part of this test is to increase the adrenalin to test the stress on the heart, but this is going to make me panic because it's basically a forced panic attack by the sounds of it.
Has anyone had one of these and any advice on how to prepare or cope? This is making me feel panicky just thinking about it.

paula lynne
13-09-10, 18:33
I can understand how its making you fell. Please speak to your consultant about your panic attacks and your fears while having this stress test x:winks:

27-11-10, 11:56
hi there
I have just had this procedure, I couldnt do the treadmill because of a murmur....

let me reassure you it is absolutely not half as bad as it sounds......

when they actually inject the substance, you just get a little woosy feeling that lasts seconds....also your face may feel flushed like when walking briskly....

the scan was quite relaxing actually...takes about 15 mins, I had a radio on in the room
absolutely nothing at all to worry about

good luck