View Full Version : LBBB on ecg... now really worried

19-09-10, 19:25
hello I am new to this forum.....49 year old female :)
I recently started getting an ache in my left arm when walking briskly...so decided to mention to my gp, he then sent me for an ecg at the hospital who then told me I had a LBBB (left bundle branch block) and also a heart murmer which I knew about, that was picked up about 16 years ago on a routine medical ( was told it was an innocent murmer and nothing more was done or followed up)

I am really worried now, perhaps the murmer wasnt inoocent at all and all these years I may have had an underlying heart problem....

anyone else had this show up on an ecg,

got a heart scan on tues....so I am really anxious at what they are going to find :unsure:

margaret jones
19-09-10, 20:08
Hi Shaz yes hun i have had the same diagnosis bundle branch block was told by the Cardiologist not to worry about it that was 3yrs agoI had a heart scan and a echocardiograph also wore a 24hr holter for 7 days .

Let me no how you get on Tues pm me if you want xx

margaret jones
19-09-10, 20:09
Ps I also have a heart murmer that i was not aware of until tested xx

19-09-10, 20:17
thanks margaret, hopefully I will be told the same.....yes will certainly let you know how I get on
glad all was ok with you:)

margaret jones
19-09-10, 20:25
Try not to worry hun I am sure you will be ok apparently loads of people have heart murmurs and BB and dont even know my daughter went into hospital with abdo pain and she was told she had a heart murmur nobody had said before and she was 42 then , so relax and let them do there checks ..

22-09-10, 09:51
Hi there, had the scan yesterday but wasnt given any information at the time...
the radiographer said I will hear from them in due course when the consultant seen the report...so still waiting :mellow:

feel so stressed now having to wait :mad:

22-09-10, 10:00
Hiya hun I know you will be feelin really anxious waiting for the results but I'm sure you will be fine. My auntie has an heart murmur and was told they are nothing to be worried about. You will be fine hun xx

28-09-10, 18:42
just an update, got a letter through today....I now have to go for a myocardial perfusion scan

so the worry continues

will keep you posted

14-11-10, 17:24
just another update on my heart problem

I had the myoview scan...which itself was fine and not painful at all....had it in 2 parts, a stress scan and a resting scan ....

the results of this has shown I MAY have some narrowing in my artery :huh:

so now I am going for an angiogram next week........:ohmy:

needless to say I am now worried sick as to what they going to find....

will update with the results next week xx

27-11-10, 11:49
well here's the update on my heart

Had the angiogram on wednesday, the procedure wasnt very pleasant, my arterys kept going into spasm which made it difficult for the cardiologist to get the catheter through.....what should have took 30 mins took nearly an hour ........

anyway the good news is my arterys are fine..no blockages, he said I have very mild resistance in my pulmonary artery for which he has put me on diltiazem....
so all's well thank goodness