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22-09-10, 12:31

I'm having my very first ECG on friday after my doctor suggested I have it just to put my mind at rest, he listened to my heart for a minute and said nothing's wrong but make an appointment with the nurse just incase.

I'm now nervous about it!! What happens during it? How long does it go on for? Do they telly you there and then if somethings wrong?

Hazel B
22-09-10, 12:40
Hello. I am sure that the test is being done to put your mind at ease. If you go to "Forum Jump", you can read previous threads on having the test.
I have not had an ECG but understand your worry as I've had many scans since April for tummy pain. It took from April till August to find out I have a gallstone, in the meantime I got more scared and anxious. I feared the worst and imagined all horrors. Your GP has told you not to worry, anxiety can really mess with our bodies.

22-09-10, 12:49
Hi, yeah anxiety has really messed with me alot recently, it's prevented me from going out with friends and drinking because I fear having a heart attack or something really irrational!! This ECG will hopefully put my mind at rest and help me stop worrying about my heart!
How did you cope with the worry?

Hazel B
22-09-10, 13:57
Now, I have temporary meds and counsellling. I'm also learning to breathe properly and meditate. I also walk every day and try to eat well.
At the worst of my anxiety I could not stop my pulse it was over 100bpm, which is why I asked my GP for help, it was one of the hardest things I ever did but worth it.
I was also "off food" so lost weight, which made me worry more that I was ill, it's a vicious circle that I'm hoping I've started to break. It takes time and effort (signed off sick ) but you can beat it.

22-09-10, 14:16
Yeah my heart does that too, goes up to 150BPM which is scary and then suddenly stops and goes into regular rhythm, I have applied for NHS counselling they asked me to fill in forms and I sent them a few days ago hopefully they'll get in touch soon :) good luck with yours :)

Hazel B
22-09-10, 14:56
Thanks, only had 2 sessions but I'm so glad I did it. I'm very private but once I decided to help myself the years of angst started to come out of my mouth and it's a relief.
Hope it goes well Friday, I'm sure it will be fine, our minds race and trick us.

22-09-10, 15:45
Nice, what sort of thing do they do in the sessions? I'm baffled as to how they are going to help me!
Thanks a lot :)

Hazel B
22-09-10, 15:52
I talk about about what is troubling my mind ( bereavement, guilt, grief, health worries etc) and my counsellor listens then sometimes challenges my thinking or gives me another viewpoint. It's not CBT but does help me, as I think holding it all in for years has made me get to the point of anxiety.
I think a prefessional has more chance of helping me get mental peace than a family member of friend, I do have lots of that support but wanted to try something at least.

22-09-10, 16:47

We have a whole forum about ECG's here:


If you read my replies in there I explain what happens

23-09-10, 00:42
I've had tons of ECG's, you'll be fine, it only lasts a couple of mins. You just lie down and they put patches on your chest and sometimes ankles too then attach wires to them, ask you to stay still for about a minute, print off the electrical trace of your heart and then it's over. They would usually tell you right there and then although I'm not saying they defo will but everytime I've had one straight away they have said 'that looks good, stop worrying'

Best of luck with your ECG! :)

23-09-10, 00:53
An ECG is fine, painless and is over before you know it!

You're a guy so you'll be okay taking your shirt off for them to put on the little sticky patches. Usually, as a woman they ask you to take off your bra... the doctor was really hot, and didn't ask me to take off my bra, which i was quite disappointed about, so i made up a gynae problem. I'm only joking! :)

You lie down, they put some littlee sticky patches on and then attach some wires. Personally i think you look quite cool - you feel nothing. You just lie there, and then you hear the printer go and it's done. Someone looks at it in about 5 seconds and usually says "looks fine" but will show Dr to check, or sometimes they just give straight to doc, but that doesn't mean it isn't fine, it just means the person taking the reading isn't qualified to read the ECG, so don't fear that if they don't give you an immediate answer that there is something wrong!

You will be fine! X