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22-09-10, 22:36

I'm having my very first ECG on friday after my doctor suggested I have it just to put my mind at rest, he listened to my heart for a minute and said nothing's wrong but make an appointment with the nurse just incase.

I'm now nervous about it!! What happens during it? How long does it go on for? Do they telly you there and then if somethings wrong?

(Sorry for posting a second time from another section, feel free if you need to remove)

22-09-10, 22:45
Have a read of the posts in this forum and I replied to one explaining all about it. I will try and find it for you

22-09-10, 22:52
I can't find it - typical!

It takes about 15 minutes in total as they have to wire you up to the monitor.

They won't tell you there and then the results as they will want a qualified doc to see the results.

It doesn't hurt.

Not much more I can say really. You will be fine

22-09-10, 22:53
Thanks very much :) Yeah I had a little look for one but thought I may aswell post and see, thanks anyway!

22-09-10, 23:00
They may sneakily hint to you the results if it is a very experienced practice nurse carrying it out, but as Nicola said, some prefer to let the Doctor review it before you get the results.

I had one last November and there is nothing to it.

22-09-10, 23:02
Yeah Debs - sometimes they will say something like "it looks perfect/ok/fine to me" but they have to let the doc give you the official results.

My mum had one yesterday and the nurse said she couldn't see anything abnormal but she has to see the doc on Friday to discuss it.

22-09-10, 23:08
Yep, agreed Nic.

They won't go 'the full monty' as it were in telling you straight out (sorry, I should have said that!)

23-09-10, 01:32
thank you both, this has calmed me :)

24-09-10, 20:48
hi, just wanted to let you know that I had it today and all was fine! thank goodness

the nurse did it and then took it to a doctor on call and then returned to me and told me 'the doctor would like to see you today' which obviously made me very scared! but she just said my ECG was fine and that I have a fast heart at the moment due to anxiety. so i'm feeling quite good now :)

Hazel B
24-09-10, 20:50
Thanks for letting us know, that's great news. I hope it helps to calm that anxiety now.

24-09-10, 20:51
Yeah my mind has been at rest all day for the first time in AGES, I haven't worried at all really. Hopefully it stays that way!

paula lynne
24-09-10, 20:52
Brilliant news!! xx:D

15-10-10, 19:23
i have had an ecg and it dose not hurt at all!!!!
basically you just get wired up and lie their! mine lasted for about 10 minutes.

not so long ago i took an overdose of antidepressents ect...
and i was hooked up to an ecg moniter for 2 days!
nothing at all to worrie about!!!
i think i had to make an appointment one week after to get results!

17-10-10, 21:04
well done for doing so well! as you now know, ecg's are just sticky plasters with wires coming out of them. i have had two ecg's and both have come back normal. they measure the electrical current coming from the heart, as it supplies its own electrical impulses. so it is important to have enough potassium in our diets to make sure that our heart is healthy and that the heartbeats are kept regular.

i think it is pretty routine for a doctor to ask patients to have an ecg when they come in complaining of anxiety, chest pains and panic attacks. it is always important to rule out any serious conditions that could be causing these symptoms.