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25-09-10, 16:39
I'm going through a really severe anxiety episode lately and I'm trying everything to help it go. I've started on sertraline 2 days ago and they have made it kick in even more.

I've read diazepam is a great help in reducing anxiety a lot whilst you come on longer lasting anti anxiety drugs.

Will I be ok to take these with sertraline? I heard they are a very good quick fix in times of severe anxiety?

25-09-10, 20:38
Hey David
What dose of diazepam are you thinking of? I occasionally take Sertaline with Diazepam 2mg, which the doctor has prescribed for me, so therefore......Yes its safe together but it would be even safer to ask your doctor as he/she knows your medical history.
Good luck xx

28-09-10, 17:55
tracie how much of the 2mg do you take during the day? I am changing from citalopram to sertaline and the dr has given me 2mg diazepam also.

28-09-10, 19:34
you should always check with your gp about taking different dose of med there maybe a reason he told you how to take the drugs steraline takes a while to get into your system but they do start working quickly i took dizapam when it got really bad mainly at night so i could sleep take care

28-09-10, 20:35
Hi there

I can take 2mg up to 3 times a day but thats what my doctor told me, Im not saying that you should.
2mg is the lowest dose and some people dont feel any relief with it. Always best to check with your doctor.
Take care xxxxx

28-09-10, 22:09
Dr told me the same one-two 2mg tabs 3 times a day, is it best to take them to cover the anxiety? Or just take them when you feel bad? I'm going down on citalopram as from tonight and swopping over to setraline from saturday.

30-09-10, 10:14
tracie how much of the 2mg do you take during the day? I am changing from citalopram to sertaline and the dr has given me 2mg diazepam also.

can i ask wht he has given you diaz with sertraline?

im swapping my cit for sertraline in one weeks time. if my gp thinks cit isnt working,

is the diaze for side effects.

30-09-10, 11:03
Hi there
I would only take them if you feel really anxious, Part of your recovery is to deal with panic head on and not to mask it with sedation, however its not blooming easy is it?
They work really fast so dont worry. Hope this helps xxxx

30-09-10, 11:07
Take as little as poss of Diazepam they will still be in your system the next morning which may make you tired/Drowsy etc.

30-09-10, 21:04
The Dr gave me Diazepam as my anxiety was so severe, but today I slept till 2pm which is no good. I think tonight I will take the diazepam at the 7am point where I am less motivated to do anything and feel at my most anxious. I am starting setraline Saturday morning working up the dose gradually, tonight and tomorrow I'm on 10mg citalopram worked down from 50mg.Thanks Trace I will take your advice-like you say, at least they work fast! Please everyone let me know how you are getting on xx