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29-09-10, 06:25
Well I haven't been here on this site for a long time but here I am again! My anxiety is so much better and I seldom get in a real panic but yesterday I got a nasty shock.

I have had huge amounts of stress lately with bereavements and trying to move house. I have a variety of diagnosed problems from thyroid, IBS, arthritis, ME and digestive disorders. I have been told I need a replacement hip too.

So my general health levels have deteriorated and I find it hard to exercise. Sleep has always been hard for me.

Yesterday the doc tested my BP and it was 165/110. I didn't even feel anxious consciously but had been waking up with dreadful headaches for the previous two weeks.

I am really anxious because this is seriously high and I am finding it difficult to relax now. I just wondered if anyone here had had BP as high as this and could reassure me that I don't need to worry!

The doc told me to double my betablockers (atenolol, on 25mg for years so took two at bedtime), to take half a nitrazapam which I have used really rarely for years, painkillers which I take for arthritis pain, and topical anti-inflammatory on my neck which has some arthritis and makes me stiff.

I did all that and still woke at 5am with a thumping heaache!

I know I am under huge stress at the moment so am a bit concerned that I will not be able to get my BP under control... anyone got any reassurance for me?!



29-09-10, 16:58
sorry to hear your not well have you tryed a relaxation cd rhey really help me i really struggled with anixety through pregnacey and they were fab x

29-09-10, 21:10
Hi Fee

Initially, I went to my docs about 8weeks ago because I 'felt' as though I was suffering with high BP. He suggested that i was suffering 'white coat' syndrome (silly man) and told me to come back in three weeks so the nurse could take another reading...
I had been getting chest/down-the-arm pain and a sort of pressure pain in my neck and head and felt that a heart attack or stroke was imminent! However, the nurse checked me out and immediately sent for another doctor who sent me home to moniter my own bp for a couple of weeks, saying that she felt that this was all down to anxiety (silly woman....or so I thought)
Well, I took 4 readings a day and nearly worried myself sensless :scared15: I was regularly getting readings of 185/105ish.
Anyway, I went back to see the woman doctor and she prescribed propranolol which can be used for anxiety and high blood pressure. Unfortunately, i got side effects (sickness) that I couldnt cope with so 2days ago, she started me on an anti anxiety drug (cipralex) and hey presto! my bp is down to 135/75 :)
Sounds like you are under a lot of stress sweetie. I feel sure that all the pressure is a contributary factor to your high bp.

I hope you are feeling less anxious very soon

Jan x

30-09-10, 06:30
I am no doctor but can tell you that a person can easily have that kind of reading in the dr's office and then get home and take your bp and find it not nearly like that. I think that most of us on here probably are so anxious at the dr's it would be fairly normal to say that all of us or the majority of us would have that reading.I have read others here that were far higher than what you are reporting and they found it was only anxiety. Maybe that is all it is for you too. I think you will be fine. Just monitor it yourself and keep an eye on it.Im sure its just stress .Take care

04-01-11, 18:39
Hi i went to the docs today to ask for a healthy questionaire to be filled in so i could start a weightloss programme called lighter life. My bp was high so the nurse wouldnt sign me to do the diet... it was 148/90 i was so worried and she made me feel so uncomfortable. she said i had to go back in a week so now im panicking

21-03-11, 22:06
Some people get a high blood pressure just from visiting their doctors, but its not normally that high usually, my blood pressure really rockets at the though of going to she the docs.

11-06-11, 18:07
Oh My God i feel sooo relived reading all these messages regarding blood pressure I have made mine high just with axiety. I have white coat syndrome i dont have to go back for another year as my bp was fine but i am worried about going back in 12 months how silly am I ? I was on citalipram when i had it read but i came off a couple of weeks ago as thought i was ok. I have been through a mariage break up and othe probs. But my anxiety of having my bp has come back. But I feel u have all helped me as i feel I am not the only one. However I would like to stay of the antidepressents but feel at the moment I may need to go back on them. I have only just joined here and already i feel comfort by all what i have read so far. Thank you Cathycrumble xx

15-06-11, 17:02
:)Hi my blood pressure has been high since starting venlafaxine but all my GP has done is start me on blood pressure medicine.... still hasn't helped ... so you're not alone with this problem but yes it is scary !!

15-06-11, 23:09
Venlafaxine will push your BP up, it's a usual side effect. Mine went up about 20 points when I was on it. :)

29-06-11, 21:23
It is soo comforting to hear i am not the only one with a phobia of having my bp taken. I did start feeling better as i started 40mg of citalibpram last sept 2010 BUT I stupidly came off of it in April i weaned off myself tut tut and bang the anxiety came back with a bang so i have been to my doc who has put me back on them 20mg for a week and today she gave me an extra 10mg as I have really been hit with high anxiety but i have read that your anxiety can be increased when starting citalipram I get terrible fear after every thought and some of my thoughts dont make sence so why would i fear them? I am seeing a councilor and she helps me and i have to keep telling myself the positive (not easy when in panic) but i am trying. I would love help on how to deal with strong anxiety.

Cathycrumble:shrug: xx