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30-09-10, 22:34
Hi all.

Just going thru withdrawal from duloxetine, got many of the usual symptons and from google, it says im looking from 1 week(rare) to 8weeks(also rare?) of hell...

just wondering others experiences of this. After going cold turkey off meds before, I have taken this very slow, snail pace. taped down and down and down and talking to my doc every step of the way...but this is the worse I have ever felt tbh. Watching NCIS, when gibbs is being protective over abey shouldnt make me tearful....lol.

I know that duloxetine isnt for me and Im not against going back on meds in the future, but I just want to be "clean" for abit.


01-10-10, 01:02
Hi Matt,

I've not experienced Duloxetine, but I came off Lorazepam 'cold turkey' whilst in a hospital environment. It was like nothing on earth, and I'm still feeling the awful side effects, even after 10months.

It's good that you're doing this process slowly...

Keep going, it'll be hard, but you can do it!

PM me if you need me - ok?

Sue x

02-10-10, 23:10
What happened to nomorepanic yesterday?

and my stomache feels rough today. I have two weeks off work from the 9th, so by then I should be ok. or at least ill have time to myself :-)

02-10-10, 23:59
Hi Matt,

I wasn't able to get on NMP Forum last night...maybe a blip? :D

I hope your stomach trouble eases soon...

Sue x

05-10-10, 14:02
Hi Matt

I'm in the same boat as you, I'm now 10 days off duloxetine, last week was hard in terms of brain shocks and dizziness but that has got slightly better. Finding this week harder, very emotional and abit panicky plus feeling very sick! Hopefully it wont last much longer, I went off seroxat years ago and it was hell for about 2/3weeks!

Jen x

09-10-10, 00:00
Hi jen. thanks for the reply. didnt see it as had problems with network past few days :-(

Iv been randomly crying while watching ncis. no idea whats wrong tbh.

Im thru the worst I think, but hey.soldier on.

how are you feeling today jen?

09-10-10, 01:01
NMP was down on the 2nd - I did post about it....


22-11-10, 15:31
HI - I'm currently withdrawing from Duloxetine, and weirdly it seems, Duloxetine worked for me. And it really did. The only reason i'm having to come off them is because they hit me so hard physically. I could only put up with it for so long...

Typical really isn't it? Find a drug that actually works mentally, but is hell physically. Funnily, the physical hell really didn't kick in until about 2 months into taking it! Apparently it's something to do with affecting the acidity in your stomach, so for anyone who has a delicate stomach, please avoid - it will make you 'digestively' ill.

So - i tapered down for about two weeks - I was on a low dose anyway as it physically didn't agree with me that well, and i've been med free 5 days. The stomach illness no longer exists, but I am so completely dizzy and distracted and tired all the time it's unbelievable. BUT - this is nothing compared to what it was like to come off Citalopram. So. Each to their own, different things work for different people.

I detailed my withdrawals on my blog http://www.thedepressedoptimist.co.uk/ i'm still noting the effects day by day - I did have some emotional crashes, but again, no where near what it was like to come off Citalopram. IN fact when I was on Citalopram it was like a living hell for me. It's just like the difference between Ibuprofen and Paracetomol though isn't it? For some one works better than the other, for others, a reaction to such a common every day medicine could kill. Anti-depressants are demonised so badly, but if you need the help, where is the shame in taking them? None at all.

I'm really interested to hear in how others are coping with the Withdrawals - I had horrific nightmares being on Cymbalta, and these are waning now, but it's one of those side effects that always gets dismissed. I lucid dream easily, but not managed to do that on these tabs!