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01-10-10, 10:54
No one has posted in a while, and I was just wondering how things are going for all the regular posters to this forum?

I'm now 18 weeks. Still being sick! I had a couple of panic attacks last week, after quite a good run of feeling better. Started CBT on Tuesday, which seems helpful, but also threw up a lot of emotions. I'm also finding work really hard - it's just difficult to concentrate. But I'm happy I am almost half way there!

What about everyone else?:)

01-10-10, 13:54
I used to be a member on here a while ago and stopped posting as I had managed to get rid of my anxiety pretty much completely.

However, in May I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child (a much wanted pregnancy I have to add) and since then mt anxiety has crept back quite spectacularly.

My problem is that I have had severe pregnancy nausea pretty much since I tested positive and at almost 23 weeks it's still going strong (luckily not throwing up yet). The complication is that I am emetophobic and fear being sick, so this pregnancy has really sent me into panic mode, plus just after I found out I moved 180 odd miles away from my family to be with my partner and have a 5 yo daughter to look after.

I am finding things pretty tough without my family near by and my anxiety is making my nausea so much worse (nausea was always my main anxiety symptom when I was suffering before), I tend to feel anxious pretty much all day every day. I find doing the school run quite hard as I dislike being away from home feeling this poorly, but I have to drive to the school as t's in a village.

I am very disappointed in myself for letting the anxiety back in after working so hard to get well. I haven't actually had a full panic attack again yet, but I frequently get them beginning, but have so far managed to talk myself down.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, just thought I would tell you about my situation. Congratulations on your pregnancy by the way. x

04-10-10, 14:08
Hiya i havent been on for a little while so thought i would come back and see how everyone is, im so glad this postnatel anxiety board is so active.

My postnatel anxiety is getting alot better, the only time it really bothers me now is during my af which im on at the moment so feeling slightly anxious, but im going through stages by the looks of it, one month the anxiety focuses on one perticular area and then next month its something else, this month im worrying about death and just feel out of it a little bit but i know in a couple of days it will be gone again.

congratulations to everyone thats pregnant, im sure your pregnancies will go well and i hope the anxiety doesnt bother you too much, just remember its because of your hormones, nothing else, nothing serious and it will settle down eventually.


04-10-10, 21:43
I'm not doing too good sadly. My anxiety is pretty much 24/7 and has been for 2 years. I'm 7 weeks pregnant and just terrified that my constant symptoms are going to cause harm. My main and ongoing symptom is head pressure, I feel like my brain is swelling and the back of my head feels like it's crushing my brain at the same time, it really makes me feel miserable and if I could get rid of this feeling then would make a full recovery but it just won't go away. Had a particularly bad episode this afternoon I honestly thought a haemerage was about to happen and it was so immense that it's left my head feeling very very sore and I feel really really queasy and I'm gagging quite a bit. Just want to relax for the baby but my mind doesn't let me, feeling quite sad tonight xxxxx

05-10-10, 22:27
Hi Everyone,

I have never posted in this forum before. I am 16 weeks pregnant and my anxiety is absolutely horrible. I have been getting several migraine headaches a week, I feel weak, and just overall horrible. I am also extremly worried that something is wrong with the baby, but none of the doctors really take my fears seriously as I am so obviously prone to anxiety. This is actually my 4th, so I do know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and horrible anxiety during pregnancy does NOT mean there will be horrible anxiety after, as I know this from experience. Anyway, just wanted to meet everyone and say hi. I dont think I have ever felt so alone or horrible... Thanks for reading.

07-10-10, 08:07
Thanks everyone for posting - I was feeling a little lonely so it's good to hear how everyone is doing.
Rocklover - i know how you feel. I am 19 weeks and am actually throwing up still everyday. It just drives the anxiety levels up. I think I'm doing much better now, but when the sickness is bad that's when I panic. I've had two really bad panic attacks in the last week because of it.
It will pass - so sorry to hear you are struggling. I think my situation is similar to yours, although this is my first baby. I had my first every migraine during the pregnancy, I'm sure because of the anxiety. I am feeling alone a lot of thie time, but my doctor has been helpful, and referred me to both the mental health midwife (who is amazing) and I've just started CBT, which I think is going to help. But I did have to present myself as a nervous wreck - at 7 weeks pregnant to the point of admitting I wasn't sure I could go on with the pregnancy. I think it takes a lot for them to listen.

Hugs - health anxiety is my huge problem. If you're still feeling sad private message me and we can chat.

We all just need to hang in there. It's good to know there are so many women struggling with this. It can feel so lonely, but we're not alone.:hugs:

07-10-10, 14:26
Im not pregnant, but I wanted to say how brave I think you all are. Really and truly! Youre all awesome and I wish you all the best with your pregnancy! Hopefully soon Ill be able to think about having babies of my own :D
Big hugs to you all!

15-10-10, 12:48
This is a tough one to post but, hey, at least it's anonymous. My anxiety isn't remotely health related but specific to the pregnancy. I loathe it, the fact that something is growing inside me, feeding off me and then I'll have to go through horrendous pain, followed by stress, sleeplessness, loss of social life and so on. Please don't ask if I 'meant' to do this. I did but I didn't know I'd feel like this about being pregnant, I stupidly thought that the hormones would kick in and I'd be just like all the other 'look at me, I'm so clever I got pregnant' women. And I have to keep a lid on this because it shares everything I feel- I don't even have the privacy of my own emotions and I'm already a bad parent because at best it's getting ambivalence, at worst revulsion.
And no, I'm not looking forward to being a mother either. I'm just about not falling apart with panic about how awful I think it will be.

15-10-10, 13:00
Don't beat yourself up. My fears might be health related, but I also can't bear looking at my stomach: it revolts me! And I'm not the first on here to post something similar. We all get told so much about how 'wonderful' pregnancy is, but a lot of women don't feel like that, even without anxiety.

How far along are you? Hormones change during pregnancy. Have you told anyone such as your midwife how you feel? It may feel like it is going to be grim, but you can make is seem less terrible, and at least deal with the panic. Ironically, I am convinced everything will be fine if I just don't die in childbirth. But I have to talk myself down from the panic in the same way you need to. The issue might be different, but the struggle is the same.

15-10-10, 13:25

What a lovely post. It's so nice that you are thinking of the others.


My son is now 12 years old but for some reason, i loved being pregnant (well most of it) lol BUT i can totaly see where you are coming from with your feelings. It's like everything has gone into reverse for you and that must be awful for you hun. Please do as Genie says and talk to someone about your feelings. There is no set rule to say woman are supposed to love being pregnant because that's just not reality so please don't beat yourself up. I'm sure if you speak to your GP, the should be able to put you in touch with someone who can help. Please don't suffer on your own.

Best wishes to you all