View Full Version : New! Rescue Remedy Night Capsules

01-10-10, 18:39
I am now stocking this new Rescue Remedy Night product.

Full details are here:


Special offer for limited time - only 6.50 (RRP is 7.95). Postage to UK would be 1.17 if bought alone but all my postage costs go on weight and size so you may be able to add some other products to the order with no additional postage to pay.

Hazel B
01-10-10, 19:27

Thanks, do you know if there are any side effects? I ask because "Kalms" gave the most awful tummy ache!

01-10-10, 19:30

There shouldn't be as they are all natural and I haven't heard about side-effects from others on here that use the RR products.

01-10-10, 19:35
I've been using RR for nearly a year and haven't noticed any SEs - apart from a whisky-like taste which I quite like lol

01-10-10, 19:39
Alex - a lot of the newer products have done away with the alcohol content as well now.

Perhaps people didn't like it.

These are alcohol free too.

01-10-10, 19:43
Damn - won't be buying any of those then lol

01-10-10, 20:52
I have this, tastes niceee.

Hazel B
01-10-10, 22:16
Thanks, I might try it as I'm still not sleeping right the way through.

01-10-10, 22:37
I was talking to a friend today who says she has awful problems sleeping because she gets so anxious and worries all night. I said to her that she should try a herbal remedy. Thank you. I must tell her about these. :flowers:

01-10-10, 22:46
You don't have to buy them from me at all. I just let people know if I buy a few and get a small discount which I can pass on.