View Full Version : new start.

05-10-10, 01:56
well ive been on amitriptyline for 5 days now and what a diffrence i feel , im alot more calmer and relaxed i have a great sleep and i feel happy again i would say its fab! helped me in so many ways just hope i keep getting better, not really had side effects on it just vision goes abit blurry but i had that before taking the medication, so everythings great!

hope it works for everyone else too
heather xxx

16-11-10, 20:44
thats great Heather, hope your feeling better x

paula lynne
16-11-10, 22:54
Well done Heather, hope it continues for you love. x:)

17-11-10, 16:45
Well done, im really happy for you.:yesyes:

24-11-10, 11:36
Hi heather just wanted to ask how are you getting on with these, I just started them last night and feel in a dream today and on a go slow.

04-12-10, 20:43
hi ann im the exact same just to let you know im coming off it now as i keep thinking im dreaming and just dont feel right, gonna try anti-depressants abit worried but its worth a try, when you feel that dream feeling just let it come and go its scary but you do get used to it and if you really feel horrible and no change then i would come off them with doctors adivce x