View Full Version : has anyone had to have a second mri done

06-10-10, 21:24
I went for an MRI brain scan last week and had to phone for my results today but all I was told was that I have to go to another hospital to have another MRI done, but no explanation as to why. I am really worried now, has anyone else had to have a second MRI done?

06-10-10, 21:42
There could be many reason for this. Why not call your doc and ask them as they should have a report from the hospital.

06-10-10, 21:52
I will do Nicola, thank you

06-10-10, 22:03
Maybe the scan wasn't clear enough for them?

The doc should have a report though and it will put your mind at ease if he can tell you the reason.

08-10-10, 19:57
I phoned the consultants secretary today to ask why I needed to have another MRI, she said that there are abnormalities so need to go to Salford Royal Hospital to have another done, oh and she said not to worry, yeah right, she said that to the wrong person lol. but at least its going to be done within the next few weeks, so don't have to long to wait.

08-10-10, 20:01
Oh I hope it all turns out ok Ann - keep us updated ok.

Can I ask why you had the MRI in the first place?

08-10-10, 20:05
I will do Nicola.
I had the MRI done due to constant dizziness, unsteady walking, and headaches.

08-10-10, 20:16
Well let's hope the second one gives them what they need to make a diagnosis.

12-10-10, 18:01
I haven't had my second MRI done yet. But I recieved a letter from neurologist it says that one abnormality is a cyst in my brain which I was probably born with the second abnormality looks like a mini stroke, the letter does state that there is no cause for concern or worry, and the second MRI will tell them more. I am getting myself in a bit of state worrying I could have a stroke, can't stop crying now. I do keep trying to say to myself if it was bad they would have me straight back and not wait for an appointment but I am still scared.

12-10-10, 18:12
Hi Ann - can I ask how old you are?

My dad had a couple of mini strokes and never even knew it!

12-10-10, 18:25
Hi Nicola I'm 41

12-10-10, 19:21
I guess you have to wait and see what they say. I don't know much about MRI's and strokes I am afraid but you will be in good hands.

Try not to worry too much.

12-10-10, 19:31
Big hugs ann am thinking of u :hugs::hugs::hugs:

12-10-10, 20:54
Thank you Nicola and Hayley, I've had my good cry now and cuddled my kids and I'm feeling little better now, I know if was anything serious they would have me straight back.

Kerry B
12-10-10, 22:15
Hi Ann my thoughts are with you try not to worry as you say if it was anything serious they would have admitted you in hospital straight away. I am still getting the dizziness as well on and off and its one of the scariest symptoms I get. Let me know how you are getting on. xxx

13-10-10, 19:59
Hi Kerry I will do. are the meds helping you? Im still struggling with work just about getting through the day, work have been really good I work flexi now so can go in pretty much when I want as long as I do my 16 hours.

04-02-11, 21:59
I know its been a long time, but I went back to see the neurologist last week, he said the cyst I was probably born with, and the other abnormality is a small hole, he said it could have been a severe migraine or mini stoke but couldn't say for sure what caused the hole. I go back to see him again early April when I have to have another MRI done, to make sure there are no changes. (great I hate that machine). He also wants me to up my Amitriptaline to 20mg and to take an aspirin a day, I haven't started the aspirin yet as I am a bit scared as they can trigger an asthma attack.
He said my unsteadiness and off balance, funny vision, headaches ect are due to migraines, which is why I am on the amitriptaline.
He also said that 12% of people who have MRI's done show an abnormality as many of us are born with these defects.

Hazel B
04-02-11, 22:57
I've been recalled for another MRI for my liver. This is because the radiologist experts are still trying to ascertain what type of lesion I have on my liver. I've had 2 ultrasounds, CT scan, MRI and 4 lots of blood tests. I've also had my gallbladder removed recently - the initial scan for this showed the lesion incidentally.

Sometimes, they need to adjust the resonance of the MRI scan to read your results in a different way. I got really anxious about it all last year but have recovered enough now to have a more rational approach. I don't mean you're being irrational, but our minds play tricks - I thought I was going to die of liver failure and it turns out the lesion is damage I may have been born with. My radiology expert also told me that many of us are born with "damage", it's only now that they have all these advanced scanners that medicine is trying to define it all.

Please try not to worry, I am sure it will be OK.

05-02-11, 23:17
Hi Annfor
About 2 years after having an MRI, for other reasons, my gp at the time, mentioned that I had some sort of hole/cyst thing in my neck, and asked if I had any sort of problem with it! I didnt even know and it turned out I was born with it :unsure:
I have never suffered with anything to do with it, and if I had not had an MRI would never have known.

01-04-11, 16:38
Well my consultant rang me. I am now very upset and confused. He said that the mri was clear for my ear but that it has picked up a swollen blood vessel at the back of my head into my neck. He said it is not an anyerism or anything like that and not in sn artery. He said I have to have another mri done to diagnose the problem. He went on to say that the Mri often picks up things that are no problem and that it may be a case of nothing to consider. I asked him if I had a tumour and he said no and I also asked him if it was life threatening and he said it doesn't appear so!!!!!! Omg the fact that he said appear has frightened me. He didn't seem to know much else and said depending on results I may be referred on to a neuro or bone specialist! Don't know what to think help