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07-10-10, 16:22
not diazepam i know but in similair medication type as them, has nayone ever taken them

ive been prescribed them, and only to take on ver bad days if i have thoughts of self harm or uneasy feeling of restlessness

ive been given a very low dose, due to only having a bmi of 15.9

08-10-10, 16:56
anyone? ive been reading about it online, begining to wish i never did now :blush:
can it make depression worse?

10-10-10, 14:31
It's the same name for Klonopin. It's a benzodiazepine. I took it for a couple of weeks and thought it helped. I take ativan (another benzocdazepine), a small amount every day. I hope to be able to taper off of it soon. It does help.

10-10-10, 17:47
thanks, im only being given a small dose of 0.5mg think it is to be taken only when/if needed if feel really bad with self harm thoughts or restlessness

ive been given a low dose also because my bmi is very low at only 15.9

23-11-10, 21:52

My shrink prescribed me Clonazepam alongside my pregablin. I find that 2mg dose reduces all my symptoms by around 80%. Only down side is it make you feel a bit drunk. It's by no means a magic bullet, but it defo helps on bad days. I think benzos still have a major role to play in the management of panic and anxiety. This said the benifits to risk ratio must be regularity assessed and you need a large degree of self restraint when using them. This is something i had problem with to start. I would take 2mg daily when i first started a month or so ago as its effect were very fast acting and made me feel normal(ish) again. I was luckily enough to realise i was getting in above my head and started to reduce my dose down over a couple of weeks and now only take as and when.

Don't be scared to take them if you need them to help you get to a better place, even if for only a little while.

Before the clonazepam, i was on diazipam which done pretty much nothing in dosages under 10mg. My shrink advised me that clonazepam is around 10x more potent than valium but has a lesser chance of tolerance/addiction and said that it is used long term in people with epilepsy.

I wouldn't worry to much about the scare stories you read on the net. If all the people that had benefited from sensible use of benzos to help with there problem i bet the positive post would far out way the negative ones. :)

So in short, if you feel your in a place where you need a little help don't be scare to take them.

I hope your doing just fine!!

Take it easy :)

23-11-10, 23:25
I would just say that even though it looks like a 'low dose' as it's 'only' .5mgs, it's equivalent in diazepam would be 10mgs which isn't such a small dose.

So long as you are careful and really only take it once in a while and don't depend on it every day then you should be fine. At the end of the day though it's still a benzodiazepine and as such addictive.

24-11-10, 13:02
agree with bubblebonce, they are best used on an as needed bases. Although 0.5mg of Clonazepam is the equivalent of 5mg diazipam not 10.

10-01-11, 04:54
I've been taking them for a few weeks now. As needed (which was often) for a few weeks, and now daily as I settle in to taking Sertraline/Zoloft. They have helped me. I had a bad fear of getting addicted to them, but my doctor walked me through it. I still worry, but I also worry about how I've been feeling lately. So, I had to weigh the risk with the the benefit.

I do feel slightly loopy on Clonazepam, so I take it at night before bed (hard time for me, anxiety-wise), and haven't really taken it during the day. Maybe once. They did help my anxiety.