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10-10-10, 11:00

I'm new to the forum and have developed severe GAD since the beginning of the year and up until 6 weeks ago it was getting worse in so far as being ever-present. When it fisrt started I had a few severe "episodes" which were so frightening I thought I would kill myself just to get rid of the fear.
Over the months since then I was prescribed various Anti-depressants to take daily and lyrica to get me over a severe episode by basically knocking me out. However I hate taking meds so I started then stopped or had side effects but never stuck to anything because I wanyed to get over it without medication. That just made me worse and has prolonged the condition. I am now taking 5mg nightly Zyprexa/Olanzapine and 15mg Mirtazapine.
Is anyone else taking one or both of these? If so what dose(s) and are you finding they help?