View Full Version : has anyone been perscibed diazipam for there phobias ect

13-10-10, 21:24
has anyone been perscribed diazipan for the phobias ect...?

13-10-10, 22:47
I have in the past and found it very helpful, however, it is quite a powerful drug and I was advised by my doctor to only take it as a temporary measure as I didn't want to become dependant on it.

Hope this info is helpful. :)

14-10-10, 09:22
I was given it two days ago becuse I'm physically exhausted by panic and anxiety. I was only given 5 tablets and told I can't have anymore because you can become addicted to it. It will calm you right down and I know it helps me sleep too. Are you currently taking it? X

14-10-10, 10:19
I get it to go to the dentist. I just get it every 6 months and only small doses but it does help.

Carol x

17-10-10, 05:00
I was prescribed Diazepam - 140 mg per week - over three years ago for a social phobia and anxiety attacks, and I'm still getting the same amount prescribed without question or check-ups from the psychiatrist whose idea it was or the GP that officially prescribes it. It works well for me, but different people have different experiences with it. And yes, it can be more addictive than heroin

20-10-10, 13:11
Hi, I was given diazapam also as a temporary measure relating to anxiety and stress, it worked initially, but after I stopped, my problem came back, so now I am on citalopram, as Diazampam can be very addictive and the doctor was not willing to give it to me again. Hope this helps. Emma

22-10-10, 12:48
I am on 1 x 2.5mg Olanzapine a day, but have a few Diazapam at home (2mg) in case of emergencies. I took one last week as I had a hospital procedure.

12-01-11, 10:58
i can goes days even weeks with out it,, i dont belive it to be addictive, ive been taking it for 5 years, and at some points 30mg aday, and sometime have bad spells where i take that much again, but then can go days without it again, maybe im just lucky.